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  1. R.I.P. Madonna did meet him at the DAD premiere.
  2. Gen Zers don't even laugh like normal humans do. When they hear something funny, they just say "Lol". Literally. What a sad generation.
  3. And there goes another icon from our childhood. So sad. R.I.P. el Pibo de Oro.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/10/spanish-statue-bodge-up-is-a-new-rival-to-borjas-monkey-christ And here we go again... Spanish statue bodge-up is a new rival to Borja's Monkey Christ Trump-like visage grafted on to a carving in Palencia recalls earlier inept restoration The statue in Palencia, Spain is on an ornate, early 20th-century building. Photograph: Facebook/Twitter In the footsteps of the unintentionally iconic Monkey Christ, the Tintin St George, the near-fluorescent Virgin and Child– not
  5. Some of the photoshopped Middle East album covers are quite original:
  6. I've been following the fires on my local TV news and every scene is heartbreaking: people who lost their homes, wild animals that can't be saved, it all is so sad. Did Australia already ask for international help?
  7. What about the accordionist look? We've seen clips of it, maybe they are from a music video?
  8. https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/immersive-technology-whos-that-girl/5142442.article Immersive technology: Who’s that girl? 2 September 2019 Madonna’s performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, where she danced alongside four avatars of herself, demonstrated the potential of immersive technology in live events. Jake Bickerton meets the London-based studio that created the spectacular sequence Madonna’s eye-catching performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards was, even by the Queen of Pop’s lofty standards, an attention-grabbing showpiece, with the
  9. Cool. But are you sure that's a fan video? The scenes are so fast a la MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour DVDs that I could swear that it was edited by Madonna herself lol.
  10. That's strange; I thought that the Amazon fire was the first story on news everywhere. At least in Portugal it has been.
  11. Lol @ Neyde in the corner looking over them
  12. Is Madonna's Bella Ciao a throwback to this resistance anthem? Her family is Italian so she probably knows the song since ever and the current political state of the world (USA) reminds the fascism of the past, so it kinda makes sense. Agree?
  13. I believe that it is somewhere in that zone too.
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