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  1. The absolute meltdowns on conservative media is the best part of all of this. They're talking about defunding the FBI. Also saying that if this can happen to Trump, it can happen to anyone. I don't think the average person has to be fearful since most Americans aren't breaking multiple laws and inciting insurrections. Lock him up.
  2. It really is a minefield of an area in so many respects. With LGB individuals it was far more cut and dried: afford the the same rights as heterosexual couples because we're no different than you other than we love the same sex. This is a much more delicate dance in terms shifting public approval and acceptance because it's a iteral and complete surgical, hormonal, and physical change of human beings from one sex to another. Especially when it comes to children and teenagers. Are we granting the wishes and giving in to the many phases adolescents go through to appease them in the moment without thinking of the long term consequences? Are THEY thinking with full clarity during puberty at the age of 12, 13, 14 in terms of gender identity? Is social media influencing a lot of them during this time of self expression and exploration into thinking a full blown surgery is necessary for their own personal gender acceptance? Are parents pulling the trigger too fast if their son wears high heels (which many gay men do as a kid) or their daughter goes through a tom boy phase? But if you ask these questions, you're espousing right wing talking points or being transphobic. But I think they're completely fair questions to ask when it comes to all of this.
  3. Well those weren’t really a thing in 2016. Or her slogan would’ve been I’m With She/Her to not offend anyone.
  4. Of course! Discussion is why we're all here. xo I hope this ruling is a wake up call to a large swath of individuals - especially women - that elections DO have consequences. And if you're voting for someone to simply STICK IT to the other side or NOT voting at all because 'both sides are bad' that you may end up with rulings like this and policies that directly affect you, your friends, your loved ones, and your families. Many of us LGTBQ know this well. Perhaps the rest of America will begin to understand just how dangerous the American Right really is after this.
  5. I love you all and all of your posts. I think they're always witty, funny, and intelligent and in no way do I disagree with these statements as a whole. But the fact of the matter is, Hillary still lost the most consequential election in modern history due to a poor campaign and complacency among Democrats. And because of that, Trump got to name these wildly destructive Justices to the Court. Yes, she won the popular vote. And if that's how we chose Presidents here in the U.S - AS WE SHOULD - she would've won. But that's not the system we have. And if we want to CHANGE the system, we have to win elections with the electoral college - no matter how misrepresentative it is to our population as a whole or how antiquated it is. Democrats can win millions and millions of votes out of urban areas, but if they're not winning swing states and districts like mine (Michigan, which isn't a red state by any means) then they're doomed. Period. And that's all I'm trying to say. I'm not here to be told I'm repeating 'their' narrative or falling into a trap, I'm simply an old school Democrat that came from a blue color family. And I'm here to say that the party as a whole STILL continues to bleed support from the working class - and NOT just whites. Look at the drastic change in voting patterns in the counties that straddle the Mexican border in Texas - they're turning red faster than my face when I drink vodka. We, as a party, have to really dive into what we stand for and WHO we want to stand for. So yes, I will call out Democrats for bleeding support from what used to be their base. I will stay disappointed in how Bernie Bros treated Hillary and booed her at their own convention. I will continue to push this party to adopt a platform that can translate into electoral wins to change an election system that protects and gives power to those who don't need it. I'm very aware of who the real enemy is, but in order to stop them, again I say - we have to win. And right now, we're not winning. And we have to reflect on why that is and stop blaming a system, republicans, and calling anyone who doesn't vote for a racist. Because it's clearly not working.
  6. Twisted logic? Donald Trump literally said on the debate stage with Hillary Clinton that he would appoint PRO LIFE justices to the Supreme Court. Here it is. Word for word. Did Democrats not believe him? I certainly did. So yes, if you call yourself a progressive, a liberal, or Democrat and you were concerned about Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court and didn't vote for Hillary out of spite because you simply didn't like her or that Bernie didn't get the nomination, you have some reflecting of your own to do. Mitch McConnell held up that seat for entire year - A YEAR. So we KNEW that if Trump was elected, he'd be able to appoint whomever he wanted. And so many Democrats STILL sat out and didn't vote for her. Elections have consequences and we're seeing that play out in real time due to complacency in 2016. I really don't understand how this such a controversial statement or why it's twisted logic.
  7. Yes to all of this. Completely agree. But I remember well the mindless and ruthless Hillary bashing around here in the lead up to the 2016 election. And the millions of progressives & democrats who refused to vote for her for litany of ridiculous reasons. Despite all of her faults - and she had many - she wouldn’t have given us the Supreme Court we have and that’s just a fact. And that’s the point I’m trying to make here. Despite our antiquated and backwards system, it’s still the system we have. And if Democrats want to change it, they need to win elections and do what Republicans do when they’re in power - ram things through without giving a fuck. So yes, Democrats need to bare some blame for the mess we’re in right now.
  8. There is absolutely a level of despondency and frustration with the entire progressive movement here in the U.S. And I'm included in that group who is utterly disgusted with liberals, democrats, and progressives in every way. When did the party of the working class become the party of corporate America? When did the party of unions become the party of social media? When did the party of local government begin to advocate for the defunding of law enforcement? They have done EVERYTHING wrong on nearly every level since Obama left office. He was brilliant at straddling the line with urban and suburban voters while STILL being able to speak to the plights of the working class in rural America. All of that is gone now and they don't have a single leader they'll elevate if they don't use the correct pronouns or stand behind the newest hashtag on Twitter. It's completely mind boggling how they think they can win a majority at anything when they don't SPEAK to the majority as a whole. NYC, LA, Seattle and Chicago ain't gonna win you the majorities in elections and the fact that they can't see that is beyond the pale. I had the privilege of hosting Gretchen Whitmer (the governor of Michigan) at one of the businesses I do consulting with and she was a complete delight. An old school Democrat who can speak the language of those here in the Midwest. Someone who isn't a geriatric and would PROBABLY have been picked as VP if woke politics didn't interfere to give us Kamala and would've been far more effective since she actually, ya know, had to work to win elections. Democrats had a reality check in 2016 and they didn't listen. They won with Biden in 2020 because he wasn't Trump. Now they're in dire straights for a multitude of reasons and I don't see course correction from them until they're obliterated in the midterms this year. By that time, it might be too late.....
  9. There's no question that gun control is needed in this country, but even if every gun were to be removed tomorrow, there's still a cultural rot here in the U.S that goes way beyond guns. It was accelerated with the lockdowns, Covid, and all the madness of 2020 and it runs wide and deep within our society. Why are these young males so vicious, so angry? Where's the root of all it? You mix this rot in with accessible and unnecessary firearms and you have this toxic mix of violence that never seems to end and is getting worse with each passing year. It's horrifying.
  10. I've been saying this for years. There have been dozens of school shootings this year alone and most have been blips on the radar. It's like there's a threshold when it comes to casualties for the media and Americans these days. Anything under 10 gets a day or so of coverage. Anything over 10 about a week. 20 or more, maybe a month at most. This will get around 2 months since children were involved. Reporters will cry on air and at the scene. Politicians will give speeches, spend prayers, and put forth some kind of gun control bill that will ultimately fail for the 156th time. Rinse, wash, repeat. It's so disgusting. There is a large portion of this country that will accept these shootings rather give an inch to firearm restrictions. All about FREEDOM. Absolute lunacy.
  11. I was coming in here to say the exact same thing. While the MAGA crowd and the majority of the Republican party are as vile as they come, Liberals have been such pushovers and so complacent - ESPECIALLY when it comes to voting - that they really can't be clutching their pearls and SHOCKED at this decision. The writing has been on the wall that this law would be repealed if they ever got ahold of the Supreme Court, they did, and here we are. Ginsburg and Kennedy choosing not to retire at a time when they would've been replaced by judges who shared their values still astonishes me. Especially Ginsburg.
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