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  1. She's part of the vermin that crawled out of Pandora's Box when the GOP sold itself to Trump in 2016. This is just the beginning of Trumpism sadly. I think you'll start to see more and more of these lunatics in state and local governments across the U.S. Which is pretty horrifying.
  2. Crave. This song has settled into my M Top 20. So vulnerable. So achingly melancholy. And one of the best bridges she's done in the last 10 years or so. Just a gorgeous song.
  3. I’ve been turning to this album lately in this time of complete and total insanity and uncertainty. It’s been a form of comfort, an album that’s been helping me channel my anger, grief, confusion, and overall mood from day to day. I guess you could say it finally ‘clicked’ with me. Songs like Dark Ballet, Future, Killers Who Are Partying, Come Alive, I Don’t Search I Find, Looking For Mercy, and I Rise have completely new meanings to me during this pandemic. Even Medellin. Which has a form of escapism in it that takes me away from all of this for nearly 5 glorious minutes. And Crave, which I loved upon first listen, made me teary eyed last night. Just thinking how this will be the first Easter ever I won’t be around my family and the sheer melancholic way she sings that song was just too much (after a few glasses of wine too of course). I didn’t think I could love this song anymore than I already do. This album may never rise into my top 5 faves from Madonna, but right now, it’s the album I need and in classic Madonna fashion, it’s an album that will continue to be relevant, powerful, and progressive decades from now.
  4. Well, Biden may limp across the finish line thanks to the disastrous, callous, and outright criminal response from the Trump Administration over the coronavirus.
  5. REALLY?! Huh. Different strokes for different folks. I find her to be kind of insufferable and pretty robotic. I think her 'aw shucks' persona would grate on peoples nerves pretty quickly. Personally, I think Stacey Abrams would ELECTRIFY the groups of people Biden doesn't. She's young, she's black, she's progressive, she likable. She's got an Oprah like quality to her. I do understand that she doesn't have much experience, but I mean, after Trump, what the fuck does that mean anymore anyway? It's amusing to see republicans question Biden's mental fitness because he flubs his words. I think that attack like will go NO WHERE with independent voters who have watched Trump shit himself every single time he speaks. The guy can't even form full sentences or spell words correctly on Twitter.
  6. Well Biden blew Bernie away in my home state of Michigan last night. Like total blowout. He won every single fucking county in the state. Bernie came from behind in 2016 to beat Hillary here when polls had him down over 20 points and it basically resurrected his entire campaign. He even won my county, Kalamazoo, along with Washtenaw and Ingham, home to Michigan State and University of Michigan. And Kalamazoo is home to Western Michigan University. All three counties went hard for him in 2016. I was shocked to see him lose in Ann Arbor especially. Turnout was up and Biden did extremely well across the board in every demographic. I'm really surprised to see him doing this well in so many states. I guess there really is a desire to have someone boring, old, white, and vanilla. After nearly four years of the shit show Trump has put on will do that to a country's psyche I suppose. So it's a done deal. Biden it is.
  7. I do think that when Obama burst onto the scene, that kind of really spoiled an entire generation and swath of the electorate. I remember that election as clear as day. You TRULY felt like he was something special and he TRULY did make you FEEL something. He inspired hope, passion, and made you believe that he was going to usher in a sweeping change to this country on all sorts of levels. I'm not ashamed to admit that I did cry on election night in 2008. The fact that this country elected a man named Barack Hussein Obama was earth shattering. Then reality set in. But ever since Obama, Democrats have been OBSESSED with electing the first in everything and have been trying to shove it all down our throats. It honestly makes me NOT want to vote for their preferred candidate because it all feels so forced. Hillary felt SO FORCED to so many Americans on so many levels. Whereas the rise of Obama was fairly organic and authentic. And when a minority or woman drops out or doesn't win a race, they scream racism and sexism. Both obviously DO play a big part in some areas of this country, but sometimes people just run shitty campaigns. Simple as that. Hillary ran a shitty campaign. That doesn't take away that she DID inspire millions of people and would've been a very capable, competent, and effective President. But her campaign was arrogant and aloof. The media was more interested in electing her than the American people in my opinion. If Biden wins, I do hope he can restore some normalcy to the Presidency. I hope he's boring and mundane. I'm tired of politics being this blood sport, reality show circus.
  8. He's always been a smug, opportunistic, ego-centric, frat boy. But he could still sit on my face.
  9. Young voters have proven to be far more politically active on Twitter than they have at the voting booth. They had their choice to come out and make their revolution happen and they blew it. I’m tired of anyone 18-24 that screams about college debt, environmentalism, healthcare, etc but when you ask them who they voted for, it’s a “no one because they’re all the same” No, child. They’re not. And while Biden was FAR from my first choice, I’ll vote for him. Because I don’t need to have the warm and fuzzies in the voting booth when I check the box. So they can all take several seats.
  10. The thing is, Bernie isn’t expanding his base of support from 2016. At all. It’s actually shrinking compared to 2016. And he lost states to Biden that he won against Clinton by pretty wide margins. After looking at numbers from last night, his so called revolution was a flop. Not a good sign. I’m not getting on board his Bernie Train if he can’t even pull people out to vote for him in a primary. Trump needs to be beaten. And if Biden can pull together a wider, larger, more diverse coalition to do so, so be it.
  11. I’m also going to be voting for Bernie in the Michigan primary. For the reasons that I and many others have stated - He inspires. And inspiration has been sorely lacking on the Dem side since Obama left office. And while I don’t agree with some of his policies, I know full well a good chuck of them would NEVER pass or be completely watered down if they do. The other part of me is honestly going to vote for him out of sheer spite and revenge. I realize how petty that sounds, but I would love nothing more than a Democratic Socialist to beat Trump and watch with glee while their heads all completely explode and they meltdown into a screaming frenzy. I’d tell all of my Trump loving family members and clients the same thing they told me: “Don’t worry, you’ll be ok"
  12. Pete got completely shafted because of the debacle in Iowa. Had he been named the winner that evening, he would've had stronger momentum heading into New Hampshire and beyond. He ran an extremely competent and disciplined campaign. Very similar to Obamas in 08. It's such an eye roll that people were complaining that we was 'ripping Obama off' in his speeches and how he was running his campaign. I would've ripped Obama off too. BECAUSE HE WON. Twice. Now they're all coalescing around Biden. I just can't fathom how anyone can see him as a strong general election candidate against someone like Trump. He's about as inspiring as a doorknob and has no true following outside the Dem elites. Say what you will about Bernie, but he inspires PASSION in his followers. Clearly, Dems learned nothing from 2016. Just unconscionable that they're rallying around, basically, a male Hillary.
  13. I think he'll still get the nomination regardless of if he hits the delegate threshold. It'd be a complete catastrophe if they ripped the rug from underneath him. I'm not a huge Bernie fan, but even I would be pretty outraged at such a blatant robbery of democracy. I'm still pulling for Pete. It's sad how the woke left ripped him apart and distorted his record. He's got the best qualities from Carter, Clinton, and Obama and would be the refresh this country needs after 4 years of bullshit from Trump.
  14. Yeah Bernie has it in the bag. Unless something cataclysmic occurs between now and Super Tuesday, he’s gonna be the nominee. Bernie vs. Donald. This is truly going to be an election for the ages. Both men command an unshakable, almost cult like level of support. I just can’t imagine how heated this is going be. It’s going to make 2016 look Sesame Street. But I will say, perhaps this is what the Democrats need. Someone who inspires unbridled passion the way Bernie does. I can only imagine what the debates will be like between those two. Jesus Christ.
  15. I love that THIS was the song that put her at 50. A little trance. A little house. Spoken word. Fresh, yet vintage sounding. And the Vogue snap. A timeless jam and one of my favorite songs she's released in the last 15 years. It encapsulates everything I love about hearing a Madonna song in the clubs. Bravo.
  16. The chest thumping from Trump and his party over all of this is sickening. The fake patriotism and flag hugging from these deplorable's who are willing to sacrifice American lives in the name of FREEDOM (!!) is same kind of spin that was used in the build up to the Iraq War. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. PRAY FOR AMERICA. THEY RISK THEIR LIVES SO YOU CAN HAVE FREEDOM. It's all so sad and predictable. Having Bush in charge of another conflict in the Middle East was dangerous and horrifying enough. Having Trump in charge of one is downright apocalyptic.
  17. I still absolutely love this song. I love the vibe. The production. The spoken word parts. HER VOICE. QUINTESSENTIAL MADONNA. God what I wouldn't give to have an entire album of songs like this. No one does house music quite like her.
  18. Good. Beto may have been a fantastic Senate candidate against a shit stain like Cruz in Texas, but he was a horrendous presidential candidate and came across as an arrogant, entitled, tool. Good riddance.
  19. This idea that Bernie and Bernie alone is some kind of national savior and will magically fix all of the rot that's been plaguing our country for decades is just laughable. The president is not a king, as Trump is finding out. It's kind of like when Obama was running around chanting YES WE CAN and HOPE AND CHANGE and so many people thought he'd get into office and republicans would just throw their hands in the air and say 'OH YOU MADE US HOPE AGAIN! WE'LL WORK WITH YOU!' It doesn't work like that. What Bernie has done (brilliantly) is give this fake hope and change bullshit to so many of his followers that they won't settle for anything less than him and they believe that HE and HE ALONE can make things normal and better again. As a sitting U.S Senator, he should know better than that and it's grossly misleading of him to run a campaign as a false prophet who promises the world to his followers. I'd trust a billionaire like Bloomberg over a politician like Bernie any day of the week. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what Bernie is. A politician who wants to win a race he felt was stolen from him by the DNC back in 2016.
  20. Absolutely agree. While I'm not a huge fan of the album, I can respect and appreciate that she created something completely left of field that feels unrestrained. She obviously didn't make this album to burn up the charts. I'd say that MX is probably the album she wanted to make after American Life as it feels like its natural successor.
  21. He probably won't. I can see some third party candidate siphoning enough votes away to let him squeak by again with 40-45% of the vote and win the states narrowly enough again to hit 270 in the electoral college. Plus can you honestly see anyone on that stage taking it straight to The Donald? Yeah, exactly. And as long as the Dems continue their absurd purity test in the primary and allow the likes of AOC and her insufferable Squad to lead their party with moronic ideas like the Green New Deal gun buybacks, eliminating the private healthcare system. and giving free everything for everyone, they'll lose. And lose BIGLY as Trump would say.
  22. I think she trolls and emasculates him so brilliantly. She REALLY gets under his skin and seems to be the only person that genuinely knows how to outmaneuver him. I’m aware she’s not a favorite of some on the far left but I think she’s the ONLY one we have right now that’s keeping him somewhat in check. I just can’t imagine another politician in the House who could lead the Dems as shrewdly as she does.
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