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  3. Exactly. I know some once "left voting" people who have turned into right wing conspiracy theorists as well. If people can't learn from history and keep supporting ultra right wing politicians, they will end up in a truly fascist country before they know it.
  4. Manchin and Sinema are terrible people. They might as well be Republicans as are letting them gain more power. They don't share any progressive ideology at all. Still shocked at how apathetic so many seem to be about the Roe vs Wade decision. It is only the beginning and if the ultra right get back in the next election, America will be well on the way to being a truly fascist country. For a country that has always prided itself on it's democracy, this is staggering. Hoping that American Republicans wake up before it's too late as this will also set precedents for other countries too. Contraception bans, gay marriage bans and making being gay illegal could be on the cards as some are already talking about it.
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  6. I know right gurl! It pains me when I first saw the pic Here's the Jessica butterfly look, Pariah Scarey can NEVER!
  7. hmm look like she cut and paste and hand as well she's becoming surrrgian herself!
  8. Did Jessica cut n paste her head to another body? Very Pariah Scarey style i.e. cut head paste on other model's body.
  9. Well those weren’t really a thing in 2016. Or her slogan would’ve been I’m With She/Her to not offend anyone.
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  11. How can people still clap and cheer royal families is beyond reason
  12. Well she was an awful choice. People didn’t base it on what he said there.
  13. When it was Hilary vs. Trump, and prior to Trump’s win, first of, no one knew that trump would have shoved all these Supreme Court. We had 2 god awful options, the war monger vs the unknown wild card. Some went with the unknown, the DNC didn’t offer a good option then. so yeah and if she didn’t get any love and people bashed her is because she had it coming.
  14. If the Independent State Legislature Theory (which underlies the North Carolina gerrymandering case) is endorsed by the Supreme Court next year then I would think that a break up of the Union becomes quite possible in the long term
  15. Is there any legal way to secede from the U.S.? I mean, New York, California (among other states under democratic control). Those states co-finance the majority of red states because those fly over and bible belt states have economies of developing countries and usually have budget deficits. Why should those liberal states with their high taxes pay for those states? Especially if those red states have an unequal amount of power based on the number of their citizens and use this power to not only restrict the civil rights of their very own citizens but the citizens of those states that have to support them financially. I don't mind that there are financial transfers (we have that in Germany as well) but I think that basic rules in democracy should apply to all states equally.
  16. It is code red now. The Supreme Court is going to ensure Republican control of the country in perpetuity when they decide next year on the North Carolina gerrymandering case (they indicated today that they will take up this case in their next session). Given recent SC rulings that are completely untethered from the law, the court is likely to decide that only State Legislatures have any say in how elections are run and that State Courts, the Voting Rights Act and independent redistricting commissions etc cannot overrule legislative decisions on how voting districts are decided, how elections are run, who can vote, how votes are counted, and how Electoral College votes are determined. With Republicans controlling both houses of legislatures in 30 states right now and with impossible to overcome state legislative gerrymanders in many of them already, they will be able control the outcome of federal elections with the SC's blessing...... Unless Manchin and Sinema agree to vote to remove the filibuster at least for the VRA before November elections (and also for some version of Roe), it is game over.
  17. Of course! Discussion is why we're all here. xo I hope this ruling is a wake up call to a large swath of individuals - especially women - that elections DO have consequences. And if you're voting for someone to simply STICK IT to the other side or NOT voting at all because 'both sides are bad' that you may end up with rulings like this and policies that directly affect you, your friends, your loved ones, and your families. Many of us LGTBQ know this well. Perhaps the rest of America will begin to understand just how dangerous the American Right really is after this.
  18. I love you too @KalamazooJay - Glad you understand my point was a discusion and nothing against you. I also agree about the fact it's really a "war" between urban cities and rurals. We live the same in Canada. Big urban cities are generally more left than rurals who tends to be more right.
  19. I love you all and all of your posts. I think they're always witty, funny, and intelligent and in no way do I disagree with these statements as a whole. But the fact of the matter is, Hillary still lost the most consequential election in modern history due to a poor campaign and complacency among Democrats. And because of that, Trump got to name these wildly destructive Justices to the Court. Yes, she won the popular vote. And if that's how we chose Presidents here in the U.S - AS WE SHOULD - she would've won. But that's not the system we have. And if we want to CHANGE the system, we have to win elections with the electoral college - no matter how misrepresentative it is to our population as a whole or how antiquated it is. Democrats can win millions and millions of votes out of urban areas, but if they're not winning swing states and districts like mine (Michigan, which isn't a red state by any means) then they're doomed. Period. And that's all I'm trying to say. I'm not here to be told I'm repeating 'their' narrative or falling into a trap, I'm simply an old school Democrat that came from a blue color family. And I'm here to say that the party as a whole STILL continues to bleed support from the working class - and NOT just whites. Look at the drastic change in voting patterns in the counties that straddle the Mexican border in Texas - they're turning red faster than my face when I drink vodka. We, as a party, have to really dive into what we stand for and WHO we want to stand for. So yes, I will call out Democrats for bleeding support from what used to be their base. I will stay disappointed in how Bernie Bros treated Hillary and booed her at their own convention. I will continue to push this party to adopt a platform that can translate into electoral wins to change an election system that protects and gives power to those who don't need it. I'm very aware of who the real enemy is, but in order to stop them, again I say - we have to win. And right now, we're not winning. And we have to reflect on why that is and stop blaming a system, republicans, and calling anyone who doesn't vote for a racist. Because it's clearly not working.
  20. This. Since 2016, a slice of American progressives have been spending their time attacking the Democratic Party and their politics instead of devoting their energy to fighting the real enemy, the Republican Party and more precisely its fundamentalist slice which has taken control and is reshaping the country at frightening speed. In a two-party system, the lesser evil to block this movement is to vote and support the Democratic party even though we all know they are not a very progressive party, but in the context of the American political system they are the lesser evil . Anyway, this discussion was relevant in 2016, today it is already too late. The Republicans have reshaped the political system so that they have control and do what they want.
  21. Exactly! This "let's blame ourselves the democrats" narrative needs to stop. Voter turnout has been at an all time high. It's not our collective fault that the entire U.S. system was designed to make sure slave-owning states with low "white" voting populations don't lose power. If there are specific swing states / districts where we have lost seats in congress because Democrats decided not to vote because the candidate wasn't "woke" enough, then let's talk about that (we won't because it's not a thing).
  22. More Americans voted for Hillary than any other losing presidential candidate in US history. (see here). By adopting their narrative you're just falling in their trap. That's what I'm saying. Blaming the "WOKES", blaming Bernie, etc., it all comes from them, from the work they are doing (and by them, I mean Republicans, Chinese, Russian, Fox news, etc.) to stir shit and divide Democrats. I agree with you that Democrats have a lot of work to do and are making really bad choices (Chosing an old uncharismatic man as candidate being a perfect example of bad choice), but I think the main problems have nothing to do with people not voting for Hillary, because they did. Democrats have a big problem at conveying their message. That's where they should start to work.
  23. Twisted logic? Donald Trump literally said on the debate stage with Hillary Clinton that he would appoint PRO LIFE justices to the Supreme Court. Here it is. Word for word. Did Democrats not believe him? I certainly did. So yes, if you call yourself a progressive, a liberal, or Democrat and you were concerned about Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court and didn't vote for Hillary out of spite because you simply didn't like her or that Bernie didn't get the nomination, you have some reflecting of your own to do. Mitch McConnell held up that seat for entire year - A YEAR. So we KNEW that if Trump was elected, he'd be able to appoint whomever he wanted. And so many Democrats STILL sat out and didn't vote for her. Elections have consequences and we're seeing that play out in real time due to complacency in 2016. I really don't understand how this such a controversial statement or why it's twisted logic.
  24. What a twisted logic. And spreading these kind of comments, you’re playing their games and just make them win.
  25. Yes to all of this. Completely agree. But I remember well the mindless and ruthless Hillary bashing around here in the lead up to the 2016 election. And the millions of progressives & democrats who refused to vote for her for litany of ridiculous reasons. Despite all of her faults - and she had many - she wouldn’t have given us the Supreme Court we have and that’s just a fact. And that’s the point I’m trying to make here. Despite our antiquated and backwards system, it’s still the system we have. And if Democrats want to change it, they need to win elections and do what Republicans do when they’re in power - ram things through without giving a fuck. So yes, Democrats need to bare some blame for the mess we’re in right now.
  26. Democrats should consider the last three decisions made by the Supreme Court as a chance. If they don't take it, THEN one can blame them and rightfully so. Of course, they need to wake up, they need to start doing some groundwork. They should ask for advice from Stacey Abrams, what they did in Georgia in 2020. And they need to go aggressively after Republicans and their reputation. Take the gloves off, Republicans are not fighting fair. Still listening to Michelle Obama? "When they go low, we go high"? F*ck that! There is way to much at stake to be "nice". Republican politicians with the help of the Supreme Court have declared war against the majority of the citizens of the USA. There is this saying "Fight as if your life depends on it". With all what is going on recently, it does. For centuries people, especially minorities, were fighting for equal rights until they were finally granted. Not to have equal rights is one thing, but taking away civil rights, human rights are a whole different kind of evil. And all of this with the most ridiculous reasoning. The US constitution does not mention certain terms. A document from 1787. A document that has never been really modernized to adapt to the needs of a modern society. But maybe here is the issue, while almost all other constitutions (or declarations comparable to) of countries in the World enshrine basic rights under the perspective of the common good, of the whole society, the US constituation always stresses the rights of the individual. And this is the reason why the U.S. are a mess on so many issues, most above all social issues. Now add that unhealthy idea of (US) American exceptionalism. The propaganda you are fed, that the U.S. are the best at everything when in truth, the U.S. merely ranks no. 1 in military spending and on other issues, again mostly social issues, citizens in the U.S. are worse off than in some Third World Countries. And this ill-informed idea of being the "biggest, best, most-developed in everything" when none of it fits the narrative, has become so off-putting to other countries. People in Europe, in Canada, in Australia etc. do no longer understand how willingly ignorant US citizens have become. Your democracy is eroding, the highest court in the land has turned into an extremist political tool that is taking away civil rights, human rights from its very own citizens, this very same court is making way for a Christian theocracy by erasing the concept of separation of church and state. People in the U.S. need to wake up and do something. And the easiest way to do so is to vote those Republicans out of office. Only a super-majority will solve some issues (well, Obama had one, he didn't do much from a legislature point of view, he could have made abortion legal by law, but that wasn't his priority, I wonder if there is some remorse on his side). Unless things get solved, the outlook will be grim. The Handmaids Tale may become a reality. What then? Will liberal states secess as they no longer wish to support those conservative states? Will the fly over states and the bible belt form a new country, Gilead? I hope people are frightened because there is a real chance all of this may happen. Sorry for the rant.
  27. There is so much Democrat bashing going on atm ......by Democrats (and bots and the media and Republicans) - it will impact voting turnout in November - which will only ensure a slide into fascism. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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