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  1. Yes - totally agree - I'm obsessed! Cant stop listening to the live versions now...LOVE!!!!
  2. Love the verses but I completely feel disconnected during the chorus
  3. ahhh i want her to do ellen!!! but happy with fallon...
  4. Exactly. Some people need to get a fucking grip.
  5. Believe it. It won’t affect my support for her. Speaking for myself that is
  6. It’s not an easy listen at first, sounds a little disjointed and her lispy voice takes time to get used to ... BUT, after a few listens, it’s sweet song and I quite like it
  7. It’s actually quite a sweet song. I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour.
  8. Not official of course ... but quite a good video
  9. Nah.... that’s like w generic Template remix ... this is unique:
  10. There is an incredible early demo remix of I Rise by Luke Savant on Soundcloud.... OBSESSED!!!!
  11. British club DJ very well connected
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