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Sex Sheeps & Camels replaced Women Prostitutes in Kabul Brothels After Taliban Takeover


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Women Prostitutes Being Replaced By Sex Sheep & Camels In Kabul Brothels After Taliban Takeover


The dozen brothels operating in Kabul before the Taliban victory have been emptied of their sex workers by the Islamists, whom replaced them with sheep and camels designated to be used for sexual activity.

Despite promises from the new Taliban regime to allow Afghan women to continue working and participating in public life, armed insurgents have already closed several “anti-Islamic” businesses in Kabul, including bars and brothels.

Various sources have reported Taliban fighters forcing women out of the various brothels across Kabul and replacing them with sheep and camels in concordance with the sharia, the Islamic law.

According to Margaret Smith, regional director of Human Rights Watch in Afghanistan, this is an important regression for Afghan women, whom she says are “treated worse than animals”.

  • “Sheep and camels have more rights under the Taliban regime than women. For them, sex for fun is with animals. Women are just walking wombs designed to bear and raise children.”

Ms. Smith fears this could be “just a first step” and that women could gradually be totally kicked out of public life by the new regime.

  • “They banned women from the world’s oldest profession to replace them with animals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d replace female secretaries with monkeys to humiliate them.” 


Dozens of Afghan sex workers were kicked out of the various brothels allowed by the previous regime over the last few days, to be replaced by “sex animals” in concordance with the sharia.

During the Taliban rule in the 1990s, dozens of animal brothels were allowed across the country while human prostitution was severely repressed.

The group’s new leadership, seeking international recognition, made several promises concerning human rights, particularly women’s rights.

The treatment of Kabul’s sex workers suggests the Islamist organization is still extremely rigorous in its application of the sharia, despite its public promises.


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