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New album thread - continued here. WE NEED TO WAKE UP to MAGIC.

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7 minutes ago, mindatrappa said:

Attention! M is with Diana Kunst , Rosalia’s video director ... is she planning a new video ? Could this be a visual album ? 🤔



she may have directed madonnas new video and madonna took her on holiday lol

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5 hours ago, Andyrs said:

I have also heard TB was supposed to be called ''Pop Art''. Is that true?

I've never heard that and she tends to call her albums after a song. 

4 hours ago, Kurt420 said:


They didn't even have a title for the album at that point or I'm sure they would've put that there too. Didn't LTT come out around March '86? TB came in June. So, who knows? Maybe she hasn't even decided on a title for the new album yet!

The video posted has her saying the album is called live to tell but I'm sure many artists consider several titles.

18 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:

1988 was such a marvelous year.


At the time it felt interminable but seems like a weekend now 😂

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1 minute ago, Edivad said:



Sorry but that is not funny at all...

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1 minute ago, YannBouch said:

People offended by this joke are probably the same who called Madonna out for cultural appropriation during the her VMA'S speech 

I agree. We have some SJWs up in here.

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Er, I see that Evidad already has warning points on his account for trolling. 

Even if it was funny, 😅😆🤣 at your own "joke" deserves a one week ban in itself.

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On another note, can anyone with sources in the industry can try to have info about something. Even a fake rumors will do.


Do we know if the listening party happened, who was there?

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