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New album thread


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29 minutes ago, ashtangi74 said:


writing songs for her album

working on script movie she's directing

mett gala

being a mum

Yes... she also ate, drank and farted. We were talking career wise and official releases.

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2019 is the year we will all be wowed and amazed.  

This year, to me the absolute highlight in Madonna world in 2018 was the Met Ball.  She looked, sounded wonderful and performed with the Madonna magic and poise we all adore.  Made all fans buzz with excitement and that is the kind of wonderful awe inspiring stuff we have to look forward next year.  Can't wait.  

In the meantime,  we have the countless rumours to sift through and some great detective work as well from some members. 

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24 minutes ago, YannBouch said:

How many songs with the grillz this time?

I would rather have a full-on grilz Madonna album any day than almost anything passing as music these days.  

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14 minutes ago, Iconic Fetus said:

-MET Gala Performance and Look

-Album recording

-Vogue cover/interview 

-60th bday celebrations

-VMA infamous speech? 

-MDNA Ads 

-Champagne Rosé 

-Ariana’s video speech 

Half of these are messes or inrelevant for her music careeer


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3 hours ago, DesperatelySeekingJacky said:

Do we all have our defense ready for Madonna's new Portuguese/African flavored album ready to go? You know the cultural appropriation police will come for her.

They can fuck right off! Popular music has always been a fusion of different influences.

The fascist Left has no right telling me what to like, say and believe. 

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