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Germany warning citizens to stock up on food and water!


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This is really weird. I hate the thought of chemical attacks, it's terrifying. I drink alot of water, I always have it with me, I often think how were so lucky and privileged to able to have it on tap.

The thing is you DO NOT live in a place " that has suicide bombings, mass shootings, and machete attacks in the span of a few weeks." lYou live in a country where there have been two attacks and some crazy weirdos have copied some behaviours. To think that you can be in danger where you are, and you will have stay home and for two weeks drink water you had stored, well, no.

Crazy weirdos copying behaviours still end up with the same results, and in the terms of modern day terrorism, indoctrination is quite easy, you don't have to live in a cave making sure Bin Laden's dialysis machine is plugged into the nearest electric rock any more. We have the internet for instance.

Being inspired by a specific set of doctrines and ideals is not just a lone wolf or a copycat killer, not if it's a specific reasoning or doctrine creating the thought of pursuing violence. And these attacks becoming common in Europe now is not just a bunch of copycat lone wolfers.

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I read that yesterday while surfing on the internet and all I thought was:"huh? Did I miss sth" :blink:

Well, I did not buy food and water for 10 days...I found this recommendation a bit disturbing...

Stock up on BEER!!!!! ;) and crisps! Ready salted flavour!!! :lol:

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