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  1. It's about time. Should have happened ages ago.
  2. I just heard it on the news. So horrible :(
  3. Hard to find words. Just so horrible and heartbreaking.
  4. And again! I am so sick of this...Horrible. Sorry Spazz.
  5. Hope everyone is safe. Sick world..:(
  6. There was a bomb threat earlier here at cologne central station. It was nothing in the end!..seriously, I hope they find those people, who use the fear of the people at the moment for such a shit...
  7. Exactly! How on earh were they able to adopt another dog??? Reading stories like that makes me so angry! I really hope those assholes get what they deserve.. Now is the time before christmas...I don't want to think about how many people get a pet (a baby of course), that will be given away once the pet is grown up...
  8. Daphna and Rebel Saviour are alright! Poor Italians...
  9. I just heard from Daphna that there was another earthquake in Italy....:( I hope everyine is ok!?
  10. Absolutely disgusting! Makes me so angry to see that! I'm scared when I think about what will become of this boy when he's older...
  11. Gosh. That's horrible. Sorry that this happened to you! Sue them and stay strong! Hugs!
  12. it's so horrible...just saw the news again.
  13. Does she live near? I really hope Goddess is ok and we hear from her soon!
  14. I just heard about it! Apparently there are many children still missing!!? I hope all Italian members are ok? Terrible news!
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