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can we kep this thread alive, pls?

I would love if people could post the best videos in here as they pop up.

I don't have time to read through all the threads so having one place for all the videos would be great

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I've uploaded a bunch of screen-footage songs that I filmed - to Facebook (YT takes too many things down that I upload and/or removes the audio)

I am working on more multi-angle HD versions of things I filmed too (as promised).

You can see WTG, RH and BS from Montreal screens in full here:


And more here:



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I told myself I'm not going to watch any performance but here I am watching the full show :lmao: Thanks for posting! Maybe some weeks later down the road with more and more footage being available, we'll get even better compilations :thumbsup:

I said the same thing! Then my show was rescheduled to January... and I said fuck it! :laugh:

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Amazing. I absolutely love this tour, there's something starkly different about it from all her others (as is the case w/ all her tours). She did it again! I've been so busy this week, haven't had a chance to keep up, but now I just sat and watched the whole tour and my favorite part is .. ALL OF IT. Seriously, I had to pause halfway through Burning Up and just walk around the house. My hands were trembling because I knew I hadn't even gotten to my favorite parts and was already blown away. Turns out, I LOVE Bitch I'm Madonna. At first I didn't (another Japanese reinvention???) but the different camera angles made all the difference.

Still would like a better perspective of Deeper & Deeper, as others here have said. I do love the entire show, but my "go-to" performances are still what they were the night of the first show. Heartbreak City/LDLHA and then the absolute peak: LIKE A VIRGIN. This is the second tour in a row this woman has KILLED LAV. Her performance reminds me of the original performances of LAV on those Japanese variety shows but it's hella updated and absolutely gorgeous. The Madonna hop on fuckin' steriods. It's CLASSIC VINTAGE MADONNA. That performance is what she's all about and I love it before the hair change. I've yet to see the newest shows but this picture is TO. DIE. FOR.


Can I get a fuckin' AMEN??

Getting back to HBC & LDLHA for a moment, that is one segment that I would've never guessed would be my favorite (Well, I was expecting to love LDLHA, but not HBC). Just goes to show, set lists really don't mean shit. I just wanna see her and what she can do with a song when you least expect it has been a cornerstone of this woman's career from the start.

WTG was gorgeous. The whole tour just got so light and happy as it went on and she really seemed to be having a lot of fun. Unapologetic Bitch and the encore Holiday were a bit anticlimactic, but only by "Madonna" standards. Unapologetic Bitch is one of my favorites on Rebel Heart so I didn't really care it wasn't much visually cuz I was just bouncin' to the song.

Even the intro is growing on me.. big time. No, it's not her best but it is still just.... so wonderful. Wish she would ditch the Secret Project speech but I took a direct dart to the heart with the Oscar dress visuals and her Messiah leading the Samurai troops, brand new footage we didn't get a sneak peek for. The expression on her face up close and then the panning out when she spreads her arms, the crowd was really into it and so was I!!

Yeah there's a lot more I can say but I'm rambling now. Suffice to say that this show is 5 gold stars. She looks gorgeous too.

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Dub, thank you for posting those...esp. the ones by Luis. Love seeing the in-house pro screens.

I noticed they put a "RebelHeartTour Madonna" tag in the bottom corner (like a television channel would). Never seen that with side screens in concert. Must be a new thing.

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