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  1. What version of Madame x has all 18 songs on it? I want all the songs!!
  2. Already been listening.. love it. Especially hearing her explain this and that about certain songs.. really cool
  3. Its a sad day when there are multi formats needed to chart a single. It should be sales alone. Radio and streaming can be manipulated... sales not so much unless you give it super cheap! If she never charts again thats ok. I still have music and to me its all good!! Im really loving "crave"!
  4. I really think we are going to get multiple videos. Id love to have a mew album of songs and all videos for each.. yass!!
  5. Madonna needs younger artists for the rqdio. Not sales. She does that on her own. How they can write this crqp about her.. in her 60's is very telling how much she has to face ... tina,cher,aretha,mariah,and janet have never had to face this open barrage of hate... but our queen will move on and do her thing reguardless.
  6. Ya know. I was thinking about a comment madonna said last year.. she said she was gonna have to reinvent her tour.. maybe a return to grass roots and throw a "theatrical show" and be more in the vein of blonde ambition. Bring the theatre experience to her tour.. i know she always invents amazing shows... i was just thinking...
  7. I think her usa sales will be 500-750.. worldwide maybe 2 million.. yes i have high hopes but as long as i get new music and get to see her live i dont care about charts or sales TBH
  8. Why is it that when i see an article about mariahs,janets, and other female artists i see decent photos of the artist. When its madonnas they exclaim her age and show a bad pic of her.. ugh. They proclaim being happy with her releasing a record soon but the overall take is shes old. It really bugs me.. sorry to go off topic!! Id just like to see an article that does her justice.
  9. As long as madonna releases new music I will be okay. Hate waiting so long... but it is what it is! I do wonder how and who will be releasing her music in the future!! Maybe a repartnered deal with warner bros. ??? I dont know.. this album cant come fast enough for me!!
  10. I want front row or near the stage. Never been up close. Are there any members webtrust that i could email and send money to to get near stage tickets? Im terrible at buying tickets... but will have the money for the concert for sure.
  11. Maybe she can pull a surprise release the same week as janet jackson.. now that would be good!! Haha
  12. I cannot wait to have the new album!! Already saving my money for the tour!!!
  13. I think the industry has to do away with streaming.. It won't solve ppl downloading the music for free but it won't hurt her sales... In my opinion streaming hurts overall sales of all artists.
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