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REBEL HEART album pre-order on iTunes NOW! You get 6 songs now!

Guest Pud Whacker

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LFL sound 1000000x better. Great choice for first single.

Devil Pray - loved the demo. Love it even more now.

Ghosttown - a total gem. Should be a single.

Unapologetic Bitch - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah sooooo gooooood. Should be second single.

Illuminati - edgier than demo. Amazing.

Bitch I'm Madonna - hated the demo. Final version has been transformed into all-over-the-place brilliance. Love the addition of Nicki.


You pretty much got it in a nutshell!

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Has anyone noticed she people Madonna tagged in her IG posts announcing the release:

Alicia Keys

Ariel Rechtshaid

Charlie Heat


DJ Dahi

Mike Dean


Natalia Kills

Nicki Minaj

Toby Gad

But neither Avicii nor a single person from his team... maybe he just wasn't involved in the songs available for now. After all, he did the title track!

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truly an early Xmas gift, thanks M!!!!

on a side note when I first listened to The leaked version of BIM I cringed but the final version with Nicki is woooooahhhh!!!! I love love loooove it!!!! I will be blastingg it like FULL Blast in my car when I go out tonight!!!!

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