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  1. Looks fake to me, when I try & click it it takes me to another page where I have to register, but doesn't actually let me get to the register page. Also the comments next to the video screen are fake because they aren't being refreshed & are being shown as being posted "now".
  2. So the audience with Graham Norton/Madonna definitely wasn't filmed? Did anybody here attend who can confirm that?
  3. Thanks just found it - the main MTV channel is under the "Entertainment" section instead of "Music" - under the Music section there are about 10 variants of MTV channels in there... it's on at 9pm in the UK. I've set it to record.
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked - but what MTV channel in the UK is actually showing this & at what time?
  5. Have listened to demos. But not the ones that became the mastered finals (except for the 9 officially released).
  6. Other song titles I've come across also include Act Like A Man, Heard, Mission, Objects, When I Flip The Switch, Win Again and La Isla Bonita (Dubplate).
  7. I like Never Let You Go but not strong enough to make the final cut....aaahhh how is she going to choose from all these incredible tracks.
  8. Well at the last count there were 10 tracks that we know about that haven't leaked.. one of which is supposed to be a diss about Joanne
  9. I Fucked Up was one of the highlights of MDNA for me. Should have been part of the main album as well as Beautiful Killer.
  10. Where's Beautiful Scars, Graffiti Heart and Body Shop!!!
  11. Living For Love is being released separately here tomorrow - nothing to do with the pre-order so it will chart That means she will probably save her one pre-order track for February (I'm guessing Rebel Heart).
  12. Just pre-ordered on UK iTunes but there is NO living for love. Just the other 5.
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