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  1. The media bias was astonishing as it was across the board. I’ve been a reader of The Age for a while so it’s been disappointing seeing it slowly turn into Herald Sun lite. They even had the nerve to claim at the start of the election they would avoid the typical negative campaigning and would report only on the issues that truly mattered to people. Anyhow I’m definitely happy with the result but it was concerning some of the members who were elected in some safe liberal seats. But it is laughable that they think they lost because they aren’t far right enough. Like that’s what left/centrist people were elected. So bizarre but it will hopefully mean the libs continue to be irrelevant in Victoria.
  2. To place blame for hundreds of years of British history on the Queen is an incredibly simplistic argument to make.
  3. While the idea of a royal family is outdated in 2022, I can’t help but like it myself. The pomp and ceremony is entertaining. The sense of history and tradition is interesting. I don’t know why it’s so controversial to like or admire the queen. She gave 70 years of service to public life. I don’t worship her but I deeply respect her and I was sad when she died. It will be no different to when Madonna dies.
  4. As an Australian I can confirm the Queen was hugely popular in Australia. Even amongst republicans she was well liked and respected.
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