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UK Charts - Nov 18 - Midweeks


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Despite the fact that Kylie's song is CRAP, i'm still surprised that the sales are SO LOW given that it's available in three physical formats and a download. It's two week sales so far are less that those of Slow's mediocre first week sales. Obviously the limp wrised queens aren't as FAITHFUL as Team Kylie anticipated. :chuckle:

:lmao: Poor Kylie, she needs NEW MANAGEMENT and FAST

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UK record companies' trade association the BPI says strong sales of Leona Lewis' debut album Spirit are sending music fans back into stores, and the album could become the fastest selling debut album in chart history having sold 273,150 copies already this week. This week is expected to be one of the strongest weeks for music retail this year.

BPI analysis of chart data shows that on average, Friday and Saturday account for 35% of total weekly album sales. And with CD sales accounting for more than 95% of all album sales, retailers are bracing themselves for a busy weekend that could see Leona surpass the current first week sales record of 364,000, set by Arctic Monkeys' debut Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not in January 2006.

CD sales are picking up fast as Christmas approaches. In the last seven weeks, James Blunt, Foo Fighters, Eagles and Westlife have all sold more than 100,000 copies in their week of release. Leona becomes the fourteenth artist to sell more than 100,000 albums in one week this year. And home-grown talent continues to drive album sales, with UK acts claiming seven of the top ten sellers so far this year. One such UK artist, Amy Winehouse, remains the best-seller of the year thus far, just ahead of Mika.

And the strong sales week has not been limited to the high street, with news that the 150 millionth legal download was purchased in Britain this week. The BPI says this milestone represents an important step in the evolution of the UK recorded music business and a significant achievement given the widespread online copyright theft.

BPI Chief Executive, Geoff Taylor said:

"Leona is just one of many talented British acts breaking through the 100,000 sales a week barrier, and the strong CD sales we've seen throughout this week are testament to the strength of British music."

ERA Director General, Kim Bayley said:

"These figures also confirm that physical product and the in-store experience remain hugely attractive to many music fans."

Digital means "unsigned" acts can chart but physical sales are still important to have a hit

Changes to chart rules means artists can chart on digital sales alone by marketing effectively to fanbases online. Internet radio station Last FM have partnered with digital marketing and online music retail experts 7Digital in a bid to convert Web 2.0 popularity into record sales, and will shortly announce which artist their listeners have selected to mount an ambitious challenge for the coveted Christmas Number One slot on download sales alone.

Gnarls Barkley became the first act to achieve this feat in April 2006 and high profile acts now regularly enter the Top-5 on download sales alone. But digital-only chart-toppers are in the minority.

BPI analysis of the year's Number One singles shows that strong physical sales are still important to hit the top spot, with CDs, vinyl and USB formats accounting for an average of 43% of sales of number ones.

This figure rises to 46% when based on first-week sales alone, and is even higher for the Xmas number one chart week, the biggest singles week of the year. The X-Factor winner has held this title for the last 2 years: Leona Lewis took last year's Xmas number one with 75% of physical sales. The year before, Shayne Ward fought off the challenge from DIY band Nizlopi with 90% physical sales.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said:

"Digital has given the British single a shot in the arm, and music fans now have millions of songs from which to select each week's number one. But strong retail support for physical singles is still essential to turn a popular song into a No.1 single and many music fans still prefer physical product and the in-store experience.

"The rebirth of the singles format is creating new excitement around the charts and getting more and more people into the habit of buying music legally online. Despite the problem of freeloading, the growing strength of legal digital sales reminds us all that music has a bright future online."

Martin Talbot, Managing Director of the Official Charts Company said:

"The success of Leona Lewis's album is providing clear evidence that CDs remain an attractive choice for music fans. Strong sales from The Eagles, Westlife, Britney Spears and The Hoosiers are also drawing music fans in-store, and Lewis is set to become one of the biggest hits of this coming Christmas season."

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I knew from the moment I heard the song that it was garbage lol. Whats fked up though is I read more than a few reviews of this song from reputable UK new music sites which SWORE it would be #1 smash ala CGYOOMH. hmmmm, maybe not even top 5 here dayyym

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Kylie is going down in iTunes :confused: Bloc Party are ahead of her!

Amazed at Apologize's success. BTW, who are T2? They are now #4 in the iTunes chart.

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Have you ever written a post that isn't related to Kylie? I don't recall you in any other thread about Madonna.

If you had bothered to check my stats you wouldn't have had to ask the question. 36% of my posts are made in Madonna's general discussion forum.

Now why don't you go off and mince around your bedroom to 2 Farts or do whatever Kylie fans do.

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But not to buy Kylie despite the "faboulously eye catching artwork". :chuckle:

2 Farts has dropped to number 8 on I Tunes :lmao: The singing budgie has done every bit

of promo she has been told to do and with no effect. She obviously doesn't have the pulling

power TEAM KYLIE thought she did. The whole "X comeback" project it a MESS.


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Friday Top 40 Update Only


01 Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

02 Take That - Rule The World

03 Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize

04 Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts

05 Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse

Top 10

Alicia Keys - No One

Bloc Party - Flux

Top 15

Elvis Presley - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Rihanna feat. Ne*Yo - Hat That I Love You (D)

Runrig & The Tartan Army - Loch Lomond

Top 20

T2 feat. Jodie- Heartbroken (D)

Top 30

Nickelback - Rockstar

Lahayna - In The City (D)

(27) Spice Girls - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) (D)

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black



01 Leona Lewis 273k

02 Spice Girls 52.4k

03 Westlife 47.8k

04 Celine Dion

05 Led Zeppelin

Top 10


Andrea Bocelli

Take That

Top 15

Cliff Richard

David Gray

Craig David

Top 30

Beautiful South/The Housemartins

John Barrowman

Rolling Stones

Top 40


Wet Wet Wet

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Glad to see Bloc Party in the top ten. At least good quality music.....

By the way, I was forced to listen to the whole Leona CD at work.... I'm still trying to recover of such a horrible experience... She has the worse of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston together.

After talking to a few fans of 'the new diva' I can understand now what kind of people may buy her CDs. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait next year for 'the next star' from x-fucktor so we can put Leona behind us. Forever.

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Glad to see Bloc Party in the top ten. At least good quality music....

Surely one of the most overrated bands around today. Their music is beyond mediocre. I have yet to hear a single thing by them that made me want to listen again.

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