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How easy is to be a best seller? Liquid and fake society

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This news are from February, but i just discovered this now because some Spanish newspaper informed about it.

This man, Brent Underwood, wanted to prove that most PR lines like "bestseller in Amazon", etc, (and i include "number one in iTunes") is just some fake irreal story and that nowadays most success is fake, unlike some years ago when you had to work very hard for it.

He took a pic of his feet. Made a fake cover. Created a book with only one page and included it in Amazon, under 2 kinda obscure categories. He expected that he had to sell at least 100 books, but he only had to sell three to be a number one bestseller. All in 5 minutes and with no creation at all.



It reminded me to when Kylie was number one in several countries with Aphrodite (I guess it was that album) for like one hour and they were using that line "number one in 25 countries", but it was fake. She wasn't number one in those countries, she was number one in that certain rank, and for a limited time. Other artists have used that too.

You had to sell the most for ONE WEEK just 10 years ago to use that line.

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It is so dishonest and misleading. Too much false PR in the world today.


See all the zillions facebook likes, "youtube views", the current "stars" are often found boasting about

It isn't necessarily reflected by their actual star power/long term bankability and appeal

"sold out on itunes"

I just love your gif :rotfl:

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I have 3.000 followers in FAcebook in my gardening page. And only like 10 interact :lmao::lmao::lmao: And do you know how many of them click on my blog? Because the reason i have that Facebook page is to promote my gardening globe. Well, maybe 1 or 2.. every month! I get almost 1.000 views per day of my blog through Google. So all the effort in Facebook is pointless.

Social media is ABSURD!

It can be very practical, though. They rearranged the magazine in the newspaper where that gardening section comes each week and suddenly there was no place for it! They even thought of axing it, but i said casually "Oh, my thousands of followers in Facebook will be devastated" and they changed their opinion :lol::lol::lol: they found a place in the regular newspaper.

What an absurd world. They didn't even care about the blog, but they thought Facebook was the real success.

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