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  1. 'cos 2017 RSD M's Dance Mix release was not interesting. One of my local vinyl shop still has plenty of stocks.
  2. I still dun like AL album. We already had AL, we dun need another one.
  3. My original picture disc LP leaflet indicates BU 4.50 I believe this re-release will be an exact replica of the original LP.
  4. WARNING: NSFW Spoiler: 2nd WARNING: Are you sure you wanna see? Spoiler:
  5. Where have you been? Amazon was having sales for COADF pink LP back in December.
  6. I'm torn between "One More Chance" & "Me Against The Music" I ended up pick OMC 'cos it's a solo song.
  7. Believe it or not, even with a Blu-ray release, WB will just transfer the same content & quality from DVD to BR.
  8. Air Strikes on Syria

    FUCK THAT MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN! And yet all 3 powers voluntarily to be his pull string puppets in exchange for oil.