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Madonna's new album: coming in 2019


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1 minute ago, Hapertje said:

They are updating the systems on Madonna.com .... will this mean anything???

I wondered the same. Exciting!

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6 hours ago, Dany Targaryen said:

Late to the party on the language thing. But I speak portuguese, and it is the hardest language of all to learn. It's even harder than japanese, which I'm studying now.

Easiest is english.



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36 minutes ago, Magician said:

More proof that Perez is such a FLOP fan :rotfl:


loool thats hilarious and its a cover song that said id love a studio recording of it and elvis " i cant help falling in love" included on her album

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2 minutes ago, Suedey said:


1. Batuka
2. Malala
3. Estere
4. Mufasa
5. Cape Verde
6. Meluma
7. Anitta
8. Funana
9. Lisboa
10. The Fado Song
11. Britney Don't Do It

is "britney dont do it "about vegas " id rarther die than work in vegas"

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This post by Future Lover on Pop Justice is so great. 

"I think I've just become sensitized to every minor problem with Madonna. We got "Hard Candy", "Sticky & Sweet", with it came the disappointment, but you said to yourself "it will pass". We got a substandard greatest hits, you think "it's a rough couple of years, it will pass". We got "MDNA", with it one of the worst live albums in existence. Okay, things ain't looking up... We got "Rebel Heart" in a rushed state, and although I wouldn't blame her too much for it, she could've easily chosen not to haste with it and polish it a bit more. And the live album was an improvement over the previous ones... but we still aren't there somehow. This new era seems like everything's under control for now, but then a wild Anitta shows up just to mess with your heads. I mean, we didn't get nice things from M.I.A., this controversial Brazilian chanteuse probably won't result in something much better.
Liking "everything" is cool - you like everything your mom cooks, and of course, it's a sign of love. But Madonna isn't your mom, she's a ruthless capitalist who's served several misguided projects in a row. The mistreatment of her fantastic legacy and caring for all the side-jobs is probably the cherry on top. This isn't a single-era backlash like "Erotica" and "American Life" were, this is a proper fade-out of Madonna's career. Maybe I'm the angry Jack in the room, since to me, so many of you being "ooh I love ALL OF IT" just makes me feel kind of sad that I don't "get it" anymore. I've bopped to all of those albums, but when you step away from it, all that's left is a bitter aftertaste."

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