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  1. So I can look like. a cat/ cheetah/ humanoid hybrid ? No thanks ! hahaha
  2. I would rather have my nails removed with a blunt plyer !
  3. He kind of disappeared during the campaign. Which was a good thing .
  4. He's kind of faded into the background . Praying h e will be staying there for good .
  5. I have a feeling Mother's Husband ( Pence ) will run in 2024 but CONGRATS to Biden and Harris ! Am happy for the USA !
  6. His presidency has been nothing but chaos from the beginning to the end .
  7. I mean who fucking voted for Kayne ?????!!!!
  8. Yes exactly . I makes me think of how many lies they will have ti spin from the GE .
  9. His doctors are saying that he's ready to go back to work .... I mean did he made the whole I-got-infected-by -Covid- thing up so he could downplay it and manipulate the public ???? At his age it's not possible to get over covid in like a week .
  10. Yep . I wished Biden / Harris have more of a presence in the media . It's all about Trump Trump Trump . Exhausting and am not even in the US.
  11. I can not believe he did that photo op on the balcony of the White House without mask. " Don't be afraid ." Yeah right don't be afraid of Covid. It's easy for him to say when you are the president of USA and have access to the best medical cares money can buy .
  12. From Vanity Fair and I kid you not .... What a hill to die on... https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/09/jk-rowling-transphobia-new-novel-troubled-blood-controversy J.K. Rowling Proves Her Commitment to Transphobia in Her New Novel Cynthia Nixon also called out the Harry Potter author for her “painful” anti-trans comments. By Emily Kirkpatrick September 14, 2020 No longer satisfied with simply repeatedly expressing her transphobic opinions on Twitter and in 3,600-word screeds on her personal website, J.K. Rowling now a
  13. What's wrong with this woman ? I feel like she's using her HUGE platform to actually bully the trans community into accepting HER fact that they are in fact men and not women and shouldn't be entitle to ANY right whatsoever . What an arsehole .
  14. HAHAHA I thought Yo Semite takes the cake to be honest . What a moron
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