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Barcelona - November 25


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Perhaps her grip and positioning on the pole wasn't as secure as usual but she was still in control with the choreo.

At 2:40.

She totally did that on purpose :lol:. I really like the change tbh

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Awesome show - I liked it better than the 1st Barcelona night.

Crowd was amazing - but either definitely not sold out (by a long shot) or lots of people never showed up.

I was in Row 3 of a lower tier block - and I had the entire row to myself!!!!

And the row in front of me about half full - so no-one directly in front of me either.

Perfect conditions for filming. :-)

Lots of other rows almost entirely empty and no-one on the floor from 2/3 the way back all night (although this is maybe normal for GA shows on the floor tho - on the 1st night I would not have been able to see the back of the floor).

Tons of people in GA flooding out when UB ended. And people in the seats leaving even before that. The late start on a weeknight isn't the best idea really. Show ended at 00:30

This tour is soooooo good - like I said before, IMO this and MDNA are like the successors of VT, WTG, BA and GS. The ones in between (basically the Mrs. Richie years) are not in the same league at all for me.

What was the deal with that support act Lunice? Never seen such a bemused audience in my life. He was the only one dancing.

Barcelona is my new favourite city. So amazing.

Will upload video later when I am home.

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Her roots are just continuing to grow out...

And that holy water bit was NOT a mistake or her slipping. She planned that. Why else would her dancer be kicking her legs around. She just wanted to change it up!

I love the Spanish Lesson bit!

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I had the most memorable night here in Barcelona last night !!

Show #2 was better (1st night was already good !!) The sound was better, the crowd even better, the talking better too...

The show is really great.

Iconic + Bitch I'm Madonna are pure iconic Madonna moment, magnificient, fierce.

Deeper & LAV are great

LAP very good surprise

UB so cool

Illuminati is cool experience

Too many good moments, so much fun.

The show is so demanding, so many choregraphies... She dances/moves a lot ! Even the ballads are choregraphed !

One of my best Madonna show for sure !!

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