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Turin - November 21st

Slim Shady

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I love how they say it as if M is watching the actual periscope while performing lmao

well i mean all over the internet in her ig there's entire ig page madonna come to brazil with pics of her in brazil. loool

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yeah i feel like she said something lovely & inspiring but the sound is unclear. thats okay though. italian fans sound so excited we almost can't hear anything else and i see so many people standing up :) she also got a "madonna madonna" screaming (a la argentina) :)

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Meh. Ghosttown.. But the crowd just got SOOO HYPPED

Meh Ghosttown? MEH? GHOSTTOWN? What do you mean "Meh" Ghosttown?


Oh but b4 you go look at these pics. I'm pretty sure they're from tonight :)




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Photo by Guido


Looking fresh, beautiful and healthy in all the pics

Plus so much energy and joy all around, some of the best vocals of her career

A true star

What a way to be on a stage 33 years into a career

The one and only

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