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Rebel Heart EP for Christmas?

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I re-release of the album featuring remixes of the songs/singles, duets (Unapologetic bitch featuring Rihanna, with a video directed by Tarantino), the song Queen and some demos (like RH although I love the album version) is my secret fantasy :laugh:

won't happen though

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1. Queen

2. Heaven

3. Never Let You Go

4. Trust No Bitch

5. Two Steps Behind Me

6. Score

7. Rebel Heart [Avicii Remix]

8. Nothing Lasts Forever

9. Tragic Girl

10. Tonight

11. Freedom

12. Revolution

13. God is Love

It's a whole other album. I love PROLIFICDONNA 2015-2016


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Really don't think we'll get anything else, she's already released the super deluxe disc as an EP.

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