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  1. I like the song minus the "My mother died when I was five" bit. She could have written much more hard hitting lyrics. I know it's in the perspective in a child but "Promise To Try" is timeless and packed a powerful punch when dealing with her mother. The vocals are also not as great as they were live.
  2. This is the album that made me a fan officially and the reason I became one. Proud decade. It's funny on the IMDB boards, there is one particular troll who bashes this album to no end.
  3. 1. Like a Prayer 2. American Life 3. Bad Girl 4. Vogue 5. Justify My Love 6. Frozen 7. Erotica 8. Deeper and Deeper 9. Bedtime Story 10. Rain 11. Oh Father 12. Take a Bow 13. Hung Up 14. Girl Gone Wild 15. Ghosttown 16. Like a Virgin 17. Papa Don't Preach 18. Express Yourself 19. What It Feels Like For a Girl 20. Nothing Really Matters 21. Die Another Day 22. Sorry 23. Bitch I'M Madonna 24. Open Your Heart 25. True Blue 26. Cherish 27. This Used To Be My Playground 28. Human Nature 29. Living For Love 30. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 31. The Power of Goodbye
  4. Like a Prayer era. Blond Ambition era. Erotica era. Something To Remember/Evita era American Life era Rebel Heart era
  5. Who would want to promote from rehearsing like crazy those routines?
  6. Who's That Girl needs to stay. Ghosttown would be the most appropriate unless for the recording she does a song she's never done.
  7. They would never put "Justify My Love" or "This Used to Be My Playground" on Erotica. They don't belong on there especially JML which was released two years prior. It's not part of the album sessions at all. I don't think Madonna is interested in bonus material at this point and while Warners can cash in, I doubt they'll do much while she's alive. It's the posthumous releases that usually exploit unreleased material, compilations overload etc.
  8. We're talking about studio albums, not compilation records.
  9. Because it seemed to be the first instance in which she began relying on featuring and the support of younger acts to propel her music. The only other feature she had done was for Britney's "In The Zone" record but nothing else was released as a single on her part. Suddenly, it seemed every first single needed someone to keep it afloat until "Living For Love" broke that streak. There are amazing tracks such as Give It 2 Me, She's Not Me and countless others that make this a Madonna record. At times, the sudden and constant cameos of JT, Timbaland and Pharrell make Madonna sound like a passeng
  10. I saw MDNA twice in person and I still prefer the GGW opening to Iconic. While the Iconic video introduction stands as one of her best visual masterpieces, the opening is very bland. Descending from above the stage in a cage? MDNA had the opening monks chanting, the visuals, the opening of the Offer Nissim remix with her crashing glass in full murder bride mode. Though GGW was a disposable track, the choreography, wardrobe, the mashup of Give It 2 Me and Material Girl made it one of her best opening and performances.
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