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NYC Sept. 19


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We'll be in Sec. 13. Everyone attending, enjoy. :gent:

I don't think I've been this excited for a show in years. YEARS.

The one show I saw on the MDNA tour, I was so fucking ill (102 degree fever) and I couldn't fully enjoy it.

I have the worst bleeder seats in the world for tomorrow, but I'm just so happy to be going. I hope I can sleep tonight.

SO excited - I'll be there with Fuzzy Dream. Have fun everyone!! First M concert for the both of us!

I'll be there!! Section 13!

Have a great time everyone. Looking forward to your reviews.

Whoop, you have been avoiding all the spoilers so will be incredible to read your review.

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her doing only 3 arena shows in NYC this time and the STELLAR reviews from the first few shows in montreal and dc made these NYC shows extra red hot to get tickets for at the last minute. i know so many people who passed on getting tickets for months (including myself, but i usually wait it out anyway), and then erupted in a PANIC trying to get ANY tickets this week. besides the amazing reviews and press coverage, this tour is getting great word of mouth. any other cities on this tour which have had soft sales (by Madonna standards) up till now will surely be sold out by their showdate.

i've never been to this new barclays arena and it will be madonna's 1st time there so i'm extra excited for this show!

Exactly. I bought tix for Thu that veery evening and there was a line of people doing the same. I think the rave reviews and word of mouth are having a huge effect. She's a smart girl.

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The view really does look amazing!

Can't believe with this periscope thing we can get to watch the gigs live :wow:

Never heard of it prior to Sep 9 LOL

How long till show time?

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Posted on pop justice

Ghosttown was rehearsed tonight before the public went into the Brooklyn Barclays Centre..


Wow! I wonder as an addition or a replacement? Hope it's the former.
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