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Body Shop should be the third single with a video featuring the red sweater Marilyn image! Would be so platinum and FUNky and GREAT!!


1950/60s garage with Madonna as a Marilyn esque pinup while hot guys are 'fixing' up her car and generally working with their tools.

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Had to bump this thread.

I am obsessed with this song.

Very quickly became one of my absolute favs from the album. And I never would have thought that early on.

Like a provocative lullaby. And dreamy. I love the way the music builds, esp. the bridge and final chorus.

LOVE it.

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I like this song more than any on rh but I think it needs tinkering on bits here n there.. Still my fave tho

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I've been taking this song for granted for too long.

It's reaching into my top five favorites from RH.

It's such a sexy song. They way she sings those dirty lines are so fresh.

Plus, I did work at The Body Shop in my teens. I miss Blue Corn Face Scrub.

You can keep it overnight

You can do whatever you like
Working overtime
Working on the line
Overheating the engine
Might be blowin' a gasket
Tighten up the suspension
And you don't have to ask it
Love BS
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