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  1. OMG YES I wanna see her live again in Istanbul =D I saw the show in Toronto but crowd was super dead =/
  2. THIS !!! I don't like how it ends, I am like there should be more to come =D It is probably the only Madonna Song I want her to perform over and over again in every tour without changing its classical form. https://vimeo.com/81696617
  3. Places with spirit, originality ,and history... Like Athens, Istanbul, Rome, Moscow, Casablanca, Rio etc...
  4. Who's that girl Audience recording ?!?! Lol, what did they record it with ?
  5. It really depends on the song... But from old hits: those are the ones I pretty much never listen to original versions: Like a Prayer Celebration Version / 12" Dance Mix Like a Virgin The Confessions Tour Version Into the Groove Sticky & Sweet Tour Version Vogue MDNA Tour Version
  6. I like DVDs from more authentic places like Buenos Aires... When show somehow connects to the place, it becomes magic... I hope she can find something like that Miami was a very bad choice for me...
  7. I wished she recorded old songs again with new enriched instrumentations that are still melodically close to the original ones... Like a Prayer's new arrangement is flawless... PS: I actually like Celebration song a lot, but the Benny Benassi Remix version which she used in MDNA Tour rather than original version.
  8. People are thinking too much. Democratic Party embraced an agenda to establish themselves as the permanent liberal party of US. After Obama, they also want to have first woman president from their party. I don't see any chance of Sanders' being democratic candidate for presidential election.
  9. "For one, the tickets are cheaper this time around. While Madonna still charges above $350 for some seats, many others sell at prices below $150. When an artist plays the same area every two years, they have oversaturated the market. Madonna knows this and knew that she had to reduce prices if she wanted to fill seats. It’s not an example of failure, it’s an example of reality." This is so TRUE !!! She is touring all these american cities since 2001. But especially S&S Tour, and MDNA Tour went to nearly everywhere she can possibly go in US... I don't understand how people expect her to s
  10. And also ROL and Music were super successful so commercial-wise AL was a big drop from that level... Framing effect. I feel like they were not criticizing AL or RI Tour, but its commercial-wise big drop from ROL and Music.
  11. Others copycatting M all the time. To be honest, this song is a Madonna copycat song done by Madonna to me... She explored sex in her music so much deeper, and so much more successful than this song.
  12. We only wish 1- Living For Love [brit awards studio version with elements incorporated from Living for Drums Remix] 2- Wash All Over Me [Avicii Mix] 3- Rebel Heart [Avicii Mix] 4- Addicted {it never got the treatment it deserves} 5- Revolution 6- Never Let You Go 7- Two Steps Behind Me 8- Devil Pray [some good devil pray remix] {This song had so much potential =( }
  13. I just couldn't get into this song ... I wish another RB song(Addicted or Wash All Over Me) got the treatment BS got on the Tour...
  14. ht QUEEN OF DISCO PS: I just can't get over influence of Ray of Light and COADF. Since 2008-2012 EDM hits era ended, all hit songs sound like they are influenced by the musicality of ROL and COADF.
  15. I am rooting for RH Tour dates in francophone counties/cities... La vie en rose is one of my all time fav songs, and people just get into the spirit with it in those places... I wish I could go to Paris concert, whole arena singing to la vie en rose would give me goosebumps... PS: When I see MDNA Tour in Istanbul, even tho the whole show was amazing, like a prayer gave me goosebumps ... Whole stadium, dancing, jumping, and singing to like a prayer top of their lungs... Imagine this, after concert we learnt that right when M was performing like a prayer(news stated it clearly) 5.1 magnitude ea
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