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Brit Awards continued: The Queen is TRIUMPHANT giving the performance of her life!


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That's really unprofessional.

Like her Instagram post was super gracious when it didn't necessarily have to be.

Well he's always been an ungracious, cold as ice asshole and transparently bitter at the fact that Madonna never wanted to have anything to do with his brand for 30 years

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To those who thought the fall was faked is because most people would run or cry or hide. To their disappointment, she got back up and performed brilliantly. They just can't get their mind around her amazingness, is all.

Truer words have never been spoken!

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I don't think she's injured but I bet she's sore! I mean I'm 25 and I slipped on some ice last week, didn't break anything or get too hurt but I was still sore for three or four days.

She probably wants to conserve a little energy

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The impact!

Madonna's Brit Awards fall has Scottish shopping centre warn cape-clad customers against stairs


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Armani has some words on capegate

by MadonnaTribe · February 28, 2015

Giorgio Armani called himself out from capegate talking to the press after his Emporio show in Milan yesterday, and he didnt seem pleased by the Madonna side of the story.

When the Italian media and news agencies asked him for a comment about the Brit Awards wardrobe mulfunction, the designer didnt seem to get the sense of humour in Madonnas Instagram post. He reportedly said:

"Madonna è molto difficile, non oso dire quello che vorrei dire

La cappa aveva un gancio facile da aprire, ma lei ha voluto un laccio (o il contrario, non mi ricordo bene). E poi non è riuscita a slacciarla con le sue manine"

Unless his words were twisted, his quote would be translated like this:

"Madonna is very difficult, I wont dare to say what Id like to say

The cape had a hook very easy to open, but she wanted a tie (or the other way round, I cant remember well). And then she didnt manage to untie it with her little hands"

Huh, excuse me?

The way I read it is that he would have preferred the use of the hook on the cape rather then have it tied. Maybe Madonna liked the visuals of it tied rather then a simple hook. He might be saying she is difficult for not choosing a simpler way of undoing the cape.

It has to be upsetting for someone to know that their garment was the reason for someone taking a fall that could have seriously hurt them. Some people respond to fear by getting angry or annoyed and need to clarify how they think the mishap happened. He probaly just wants to clarify that he wanted a more sensible hook used.

Madonna probaly thinks of every detail of what she wants to present and went with what pleased her. She even said that it was tied too tight and realized that maybe she should have gone with it tied?

I'm sure he is concerned about her but is responding after he knows she's fine.

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