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  1. Oh so you are going to dictate what my posts say now. Okay well that's typical of you. Afraid of my words?
  2. There is no karma. People who think too much.of others are the ones that get trashed. Some people count and some don't but don't act like they deserve what they get. There are a lot of very good people that get trashed everyday.
  3. I prefer Madonna more authentic but fans disagree. That's what they want now.
  4. Oh I am suppose to be happy for someone that tells everyone I hate them among other made up things. Yeah I have no real opinion about anything. I just hate people...I hate no one but believe whatever someone else tells you.
  5. Oh yeah by all means don't talk to me. She doesn't want anyone talking to me. How nice she is and I'm sure her followers will listen because no one thinks for themselves.
  6. Iwould overlook the inauthentic if it was a nicer person. ..and I am happy for many people if I think they truly deserve it.
  7. I am sorry but you are wrong. You're saying no one else in that place shows positivity or loves Madonna?'Only thousands. She was randonly called and I didn't think it was authentic. That's all I said. So I got reported while otjers badically say what they want.
  8. What are the reasons? I disagreed with something said in the thread???? Oh excuse me. Others can make all the comments and gifs they want or whine about what other members are saying. Your suppose to be neutral as a mod.
  9. If she said something authentic to her then it would be different. She's getting a pat on the back because Madonna said something that isn't true?
  10. No your not. Your celebrating someone that got randomly called in an audience like they accomplished something. Madonna is the one in control of what happens. Whats the big accomplishment? Forgive me if Madonna actually knows her.
  11. Who says Madonna is not a good actress? She deserved an Oscar last night.
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