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A present to MadonnaNation


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1. Girl Gone Wild

2. Revolver

3. Gang Bang

4. Papa Don't Preach

5. Hung Up

6. I Don't Give A

7. Best Friend

8. Express Yourself

9. Give Me All Your Luvin'

10. Turn Up the Radio

11. Open Your Heart

12. Masterpiece

13. Falling Free

14. Justify My Love

15. Vogue

16. Some Girls

17. Candy Shop

18. Human Nature

19. Beautiful Killer

20. Like a Virgin

21. Nobody Knows Me

22. I'm Addicted

23. I'm a Sinner

24. Like a Prayer

25. Celebration

26. is either Love Spent or maybe... PHYSICAL ATTRACTION!!!


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OMG thanks so much!!! I'd kill for the whole set XD

Btw, someone on M Infinity shared Turning Up The Hits interlude....not sure if it's a separate track or if it was cut from Turn Up The Radio demo, but the track ends straight after Turn Up The Radio intro.

Also, a studio demo of Je t'amie exists. Someone on Soundcloud posted a remix using a studio acapella.

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