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  1. For people of a certain age today(early 30s, late 20s) the American Life era occurred in our mid teens and that album was the FIRST album I jumped fully onboard as a fan so I'm so happy she included it in something...after being noticeably left out in Celebration a decade ago. I've always loved the entire song,including the rap
  2. I actually enjoyed this interview more than her recent interviews, thanks for posting!!
  3. "Ran so far to try and find the thing I lacked, and there it was inside of me" "Freedom's what you choose to do with what's been done to you." "Peel off my weakness, layer after layer...can’t go through this and stay the same."
  4. Riight???? I haven't logged in on this forum in 4 years and I remember last time 95% of fans here were saying Rebel Heart was in the same league as ROL and LAP lol
  5. MDNA came out in my mid 20s where I had a lot of fun making dumb mistakes as most people do at that fun curious stage, so regardless of its quality and how detached it felt at times, it still holds a soft spot for me...FALLING FREE in my opinion is one of her most underrated songs
  6. 1.Crave 2.God Control 3.I Rise 4.Medellin 5.Extreme Occident I just cannot get into Killers Who are Partying and Crazy, I've tried repeated listens
  7. Is her current facebook quote from Ghandi refering to her snub?
  8. Drowned World Tour Blonde Ambition Reinvention
  9. No question Rebel Heart Ray of Light Like a Prayer And Music,BS,AL as runners up
  10. 1.Rebel Heart 2.Ray of Light 3.Like a Prayer 4.Music 5.Bedtime Stories 6.American Life 7.Erotica 8.Hard Candy 9.MDNA 10.COAD *I don't feel right ranking her early albums since I rarely listen to them,just the hits
  11. I work graveyards so 99% of the guests I deal with are pretty much the Marquee crowds,a lot of their employees(VIP hosts) come in the store I manage so I'm going to try to mingle one of them and hopefully see if I can get close to the Queen inside!!!Its funny the last person who had an after party at Marquee was DRAKE,which was only like a month or 2 ago! She could have easily had an after party at MGM's Hakassan Night club where she's performing but I'm glad she thinks Cosmopolitan is cooler!!!!!
  12. I work at that hotel and I didnt even know about it!!!!!!
  13. Love seeing genuine teenage fans!
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