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  1. A wonderful record and an outstanding evening at the Palladium! Fuck all those idiots who complained about the era since day 1. They will sure have to wait a couple of years for a new album
  2. This has to be my favourite bonus track. It's out there on the top with Has to Be.
  3. Who else could fill his shoes? Is there anybody out there in the business who still cares?
  4. I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously
  5. Madonna should go back to work with Martin Solveig. Kiddin
  6. What are they waiting for to release the whole batch on Spotify?
  7. This song is so good and the live rendition electrified my whole body.
  8. I loved Looking For Mercy when I first listened to the album but now whenever it shows up on Spotify I can't even play it. This doesn't happen to me with other album tracks such as God Control or Crazy.
  9. Guess what! I finally got the deluxe cassette I ordered back in April when the Medellin single was released. The parcel was marked as shipped on June 10 but I didn't receive it til November 12. Either the online store is crappy as hell or my local post office sucks big time. I vote for both lmao At least I got a full refund in August
  10. Chile’s crisis was decades in the making Pinochet’s reforms created a class of citizens with precarious access to public services JENNIFER PRIBBLE The chaotic protests unfolding across Chile are a crisis that has been waiting to happen since the end of General Augusto Pinochet’s 17-year dictatorship in 1990. The story may have surprised outsiders, who know only of the country’s reputation for economic success. But for Chileans, it was years in the making. It is a tale of rapid but unequal economic growth; of a state that has withdrawn from its regulatory and social
  11. The parties (center-right/extreme right) behind the current government in Chile were strong supporters of Pinochet's 17-year dictatorship. They are stubborn on the idea that if they commit the same atrocities Pinochet did in the 70s and 80s they're gonna frighten Chileans. The same politicians who were given ministries have a looooooong history of corruption/collusion with the stinking rich families. And guess who is one of the richest men among them? The current President ffs! Unfortunately they have SO MUCH power that the police and military forces are nothing but their defend
  12. Violence and looting continued to rock Chile on Sunday, resulting in at least eight deaths as stores and other establishments were set alight despite the imposition of a state of emergency in at least six cities. The demonstrations started over a subway fare increase two weeks ago, which President Sebastián Piñera canceled on Saturday night. But his move failed to quell the wave of demonstrations that continued to convulse the country into Sunday, and calls were circulating for a national strike on Monday. Three people were killed in fires at supermarkets that were looted
  13. Before the album release I had the feeling we would end up having the covers she's been doing in recent years in non-televised performances like Between The Bars If I Had A Hammer Send In The Clowns Can't Help Falling In Love Wouldn't it have been awesome? I wonder why Madonna doesn't release these songs even if they're just web exclusives? They would have calmed the hunger between 2016-2018
  14. They leaked yesterday! They're amazing!!
  15. Exactly my thoughts! The Pharrel tracks could have been released in 2013 and they would have been huge. I don't know, in a parallel world Madonna is not a massive flop throughout the 2010s I root for my bitch in any case!
  16. It wasn't tracked and I believe that's the reason these purchases are taking so long to get to the buyers. I don't think the store even offered me the option to pay more money to get it here safe and sound and #SOON. I don't understand why... They wouldn't be losing money over the uncertainty of their business which impacts customers' satisfaction! It's not very smart of them, is it? Anyway, I suggest that you wait a few more days because it might arrive. I had lost any hope over this matter but I got lucky. Thanks Madonna!
  17. I finally got my LP pre-ordered on April 17. I got my refund 2 weeks ago. I won bitches.
  18. I feel you. I'm definitely not ordering from these stores ever again in my life.
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