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What song should she close the new tour with?

Guest bluejean

New tour closing song  

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  1. 1. What song will close the new tour?

    • Holiday
    • Like a Virgin
    • Like a Prayer
    • Vogue
    • Music
    • Hung Up
    • Rebel Heart
    • Living For Love
    • Something random and unexpected (eg like BAT or MDNA)

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She should pull a BAT.

End with TAB in a dramatic but sad note and say goodnight...

Then come out and do a joyous encore with Living for Love and be lifted up to heaven (as I predicted she would do for the Grammy performance... ).

For a second encore she should do an urban version of DTM. Heavily choreographed and with props... her last words would be "Don't ......ever tell me..... to.............stop......" Give us the middle finger, turn around and do a Grammy-red-carpet-style mooning... on the screens it would read:

Bye Bitches!


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But I think she will close with Living For Love / Like A Prayer, not the other way around since the latter was the penultimate song on MDNA Tour and I HOPE she won't repeat herself.

Same. I think she might use Like a Prayer as a throwaway, like how Lucky Star on CT was purposely subdued to not overshadow the final number

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I guess it will be Living for love,

but if it will be a dancy song, then I wish Holiday. If it will be a ballad, then I wish Queen, though thats impossible

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Bitch, I'm Madonna would be a fun dancy finale.

A finale with LFL almost makes me wish she had waited to do the MDNA LAP choir for this tour bc that would have been a perfect final pair.

She probably won't even do LAP this tour.

I do think she will end with a Rebel Heart song.

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A massive "Hold Tight" remix...

"Everything's gonna.....CONFETTI........Everything's gonna....CONFETTI!"

I can actually see this happening. Hold Tight is basically the upbeat, dance version of the Living for Love message. Perfect party anthem! :tigger:

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So, which songs has she actually used as closers so far:

Virgin Tour: Material Girl (new song)

Who's That Girl Tour: Holiday (oldie)

Blond Ambition Tour: Keep It Together (new song)

The Girlie Show: Everybody (oldie)

Drowned World Tour: Music (new song)

Re-Invention Tour: Holiday (oldie)

Confessions Tour: Hung Up (new song)

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Give It 2 Me (new song)

MDNA Tour: Celebration (semi-oldie = released during the 2009 leg of S&S, but never performed before)

Based on her previous tours, it's quite obvious that the show will be closed by an uptempo song.

Will it be an oldie or a newbie? Well... until S&S, M had a pattern of closing every second tour with an oldie, although the Re-Invention Tour was originally rehearsed with "Die Another Day" as its finale. I think she'll go with a new song as the finale of the show, probably an extended version of "Living for Love".

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I'd say Rebel Heart, but at this point I can not really imagine it to be a top-notch dance-your-ass-off, grand finale performance, if she went with the rarther slow album version.

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The way L4L starts sounds like an opener to me too... but if they wanted to do an extended version (original+ remix) they might wanna keep it as a closing number.

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