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  1. lol I knew your stupid ass would comment because you can't not be a prick and argue with people
  2. Getting new music and a new sound and people are still arguing about LFL ... The obsession with promo and arguing about is fucking toxic to the positive news of a new record. She's bringing us something special
  3. Hope that means November. Would love a Fall release again, it's been over 10 years
  4. So where did the song come from on her recent Instagram story?
  5. No way she's close to shooting the film this year lol
  6. I would certainly hope that's not the case. Would be incredibly stupid to sit on the album again She needs some success musically in order to keep touring successfully at the level she's used to without having to do GH tours. The music and it being successful and rolling out properly should only be her only concern right now
  7. You would think as Madonna fans we would have stopped reading comments and taking the hate seriously that she generates. Plus the whole notion that her comments about the White House and Trump would effect this era at all is comical
  8. I'd love a visual album or at least something different from what she has done in the past. I still love the double album idea she had for RH.
  9. I know, still mad the album and single version of BIM weren't the final Diplo mix. Obviously would have been if they hadn't rushed out the Decmeber 2014 6 track release.
  10. We've gotten a spring release for the last 3 eras, and every time we thought the record was going to come the year before lol
  11. That's a good point actually. Wonder if Madonna has a few interesting "collabs" up her sleeve coming
  12. The southern accent at the beginning is odd but she sounds commanding, but I honestly feel like we will forget about this in a few weeks haha
  13. Would be too good to be true haha
  14. Ariana loves and admires Madonna so I'm all for it lol
  15. It wasn't because only rap and R&B songs were big then but it still made the top 10, and like another poster above pointed out the album sold 2 million copies in the U.S. It honestly wasn't until "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" and Katy Perry that U.S. radio came back around to Dance/Pop 4 Minutes was definitely more popular on the radio in the states but I heard more about the Confessions album as a record. I remember snobby straight people I knew were aware that Confessions was a well made album, it had that persona among music people in the U.S. I would love for that to happen with M14
  16. One of the worst moments of the RH era was the fall out and the vitriol directed at her after the Drake kiss, and he did nothing to sway his fans from the awful things they said about her. Have almost had a hatred for him since that whole fiasco. Personally I think Madonna needs to work on her streaming numbers. Also having something successful musically could help touring wise too and that's weird to say as a Madonna fan because touring was never an issue before
  17. Did not realize the story had been retracted. Usually don't post stuff that turns out not to be true so this is surprising. I thought I remembered reading actual Queens who had been quoted saying it happened but apparently they were anonymous.. oh well lol Sorry for posting that then
  18. After Migos not wanting to perform with Drag Queens during Katy Perry's "Bon Appetit" performance because of homophobia you would think most people on this forum would be opposed to Madonna collaborating lol
  19. Really hoping for a release this fall, I can't wait until spring again haha
  20. Can't wait for more info on what's to come. I keep thinking about how good this record is probably going to be Curious if reviews will be more favorable to her if she incorporates some unique and new elements (Portuguese themes) into the music. Could be the first time a pop artist has! She sort of did that with the Sophie Collab on BIM but not for the whole record
  21. Thanks for the post. Interesting to see a time line so far for this year
  22. I kind of wish she'd be more sneaky and reserved with the hints if the album is truly dropping next year. Thought she was going to release something this year and we were only aware of the tip of the iceberg of work on the record.
  23. Think we will definitely get some surprising new sounds on the record, but it definitely seems like we will be lucky if we get anything this year
  24. Would be exciting to get a Summer single
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