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  1. Haha yeah that was... well that happened. Seriously?? People always say how much they like it here but I don't understand but I suppose I'm bored of it because I've lived here so long. The grass is always greener, etc. It's just too small for me.
  2. Ha, I hope that's a good thing! It's shit because you see this type of thing in the news every so often and it really misrepresents the city. Living here is completely different to what you see in the media. It isn't a great place but it's not like it's made out to be.
  3. Well luckily this isn't normal here. I speak in Spanish all the time on transport in Manchester with big groups of Spanish friends or with individuals and no one ever says anything. We're a really diverse city and we have people from EVERYWHERE across the world. It's completely normal to hear different languages all round the city. It's just a shame that a few people are still narrow minded as hell... but that's your typical BNP, anti-Europe voter for you.
  4. When she does the weird run thing down the catwalk <3
  5. I just don't like the way it sounds :/ And I think the album version has so much more soul than the demo.
  6. If she follows this theme then she could turn up at a Lady Gaga show and sing Ghosttown.
  7. Can we please all go to Greenland if that ends up being true. Tourism would be up by 3000% for August 2016. But yeah they have her performing in Istanbul the night after Tel Aviv on that itinerary. A Friday night... in Israel...
  8. I don't like the 'rebeeel heeeeeeeaaaaaaRRRRTttt' thing. No. The album version is better imo.
  9. If those rumoured dates are true, I land back in the UK from New York on 23rd June and I will kill myself.
  10. Drop Candy Shop and sing Get Together instead </3 That'd be incredible.
  11. Every time someone mentions her 'falling' at the Brits... "WELL FOR ONE SHE WAS DRAGGED. BY THE NECK."
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