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REBEL HEART album pre-order on iTunes NOW! You get 6 songs now!

Guest Pud Whacker

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Another spot on opinion of this song. It does sound very filler and clunky. Starts off promising but just ends up...I dunno lol. Also agree its great many are liking it and am absolutely hoping she has a sizable hit w/ this. We'll know very very soon :*)

Have you heard Superstar (and pretty much 3/4 of MDNA), Incredible and maybe How High? Those are fillers. How does LFL sound filler and clunky when this song is literally her best lead single since fucking Music. Hung Up is great but the lyrics are weak compared to Living for Slayage.

That's how I feel since the demos leaked... I mean WTF!!!!! There is NO bad song. They're all so fucking good....!

Exactly. At this point they could all be singles. Madge, pull an MJ and milk this album with 10 single releases. :dramatic:

These songs, including the leaks we heard remind me of a charm and quality in her music that I personally believe has been lacking since the Music era. I'm not saying her subsequent work has been bad at all (quite the opposite) but 2008 onwards had a different feel that was very....how do I put this, mainstream?

Sounds silly because she's a mainstream pop artist but it felt like anyone could follow it.

This feels like it's for the fans. This is MADONNA. It's a quintessential sound and there's such a charm here.

Exciting times. She's got a hunger again, I can hear it.

Exactly! And I fucking loved AL and COADF but this album is fresher than anything since Music. Everything she did after that minus AL, maybe was very much attempting to stay successful. COADF is a great fucking album but it was kind of a safe play to release an EDM album in 2005. Hard Candy is good too but it looked as if she was following a trend with Timbaland, JT. AL was very different and I really liked it in 2003 but it was a bit ahead of it's time.

To release these 6 great tracks as a pre-order shows how much she's pretty confident with the 13 others she kept for later. This is just apetizer !

I know...:wow: I can't wait to hear the rest as well as getting to hear all the other demos.

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Yes!! Can't wait for my entree and for some dessert!!! I'm having the best "I'm staying home doing NOTHING BUT DANCING IN MY UNDERWEAR AND REFRESHING MNation and listening to the songs" day !!!

me tonight as well :lmao:

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To release these 6 great tracks as a pre-order shows how much she's pretty confident with the 13 others she kept for later. This is just apetizer !


6 new amazing songs will come in February and 6 in March! The queen knows that Messiah, Rebel Heart and Joan of Arc will also be huge success.

We're blessed, Madonna will rule the music world non-stop for the next months :madonna2: :madonna2:

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I'M DEAD :drama::drama:

I JUST CAN'T ..... QUEEN!!! :bow::bow:

Love the Demos, and now this ... im slayed


lyrics, vocals, production :inlove:


and there are 13 more!!!

Fucking love the album cover timeless and already iconic

best choice for the album title

i need a video for each song

and a live rendition of LFL with a choir NOW

i'm dancing in a different way for hours

it's too much to handle..

like all the rumors together, the EPs (now 6, then more in February and finally all in March), the double album (19 tracks!!!!), the surprise release in Itunes, valentine's day single.

reggaedonna :headbang: in UB

Illuminati is awesome, edgy and unexpected

BIM is crazy and surprasingly i love nicki on it

Ghosttown :clap::clap::clap:

Devil Pray feat. LUCIFER :hornybig:

LFL is the love child after an orgy between LAP, NRM, RM, Vogue and D&D


i'm the truck

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Why do fans always feel the need to trash her other recent albums when she has a new one out? :lol:

I don't get it either. They'll probably be trashing "Rebel Heart" in 2-3 years time too. :lol:

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Yeah, just saw the banner too! FINALLY! Was wondering why there wasn't anything on the iTunes homepage.

I'm so happy!!!

Same here. Was just thinking WTF iTunes and now it is here.

Sweet. It begins.

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Ghosttown my fav so far. LOVE them all tho, sooo good! Ghosttown sounds like it could be from a film.

agree, what a fantastic track. it could have easily been the first single, i think many people can relate to the lyrics and music. a real gem :inlove:

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So seems that the 6 songs released are 100% finished. Has there been confirmation of that or what the status is of the additional songs? Meaning are songs like RB (blatant single at some point) and WOM still being worked on/tweaked 'or' for whatever the reason they just decided not to make the cut (out of the 6 songs we got last night)? Still..so confused lol. What I kind of 'get' is too much of the album (demo versions or not) was out there so they had to do '$omething' super red alert style.

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