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  1. Ugggghh I hate yung lean, he’s honestly trash and I never thought he’d be popular, especially outside of Sweden. I’d rather she worked with one of his producers instead, (yung) gud.
  2. Lmao the meltdowns on Instagram are something else. I hope those people seethe! I’m just happy we got some music while we wait for the album
  3. I just want some news from her (or her “team”) we’ve basically speculating all year and the only thing we know is #soon
  4. I’m hoping for great reviews for this album. Getting a hit would be fun but feels unsure because of the current climate, but a critically acclaimed album would honestly be even better.
  5. I wish everyone would just do the world a favour and stop sharing his “art”. Are there actually people who like his trash? Hideous I thought Madonna fans were supposed to have good taste, but seeing fan “art” like that makes me question things
  6. What she posted was a preview of a Hassan Hajjaj photoshoot. This is his style.
  7. This guy has been posting a lot of his Madonna sketches since her birthday is coming up And of course
  8. I don’t understand the extremely negative comments over this. You don’t have to like it, but it’s just a few seconds of Madonna’s voice in the video version of Ariana’s song. I’m just talking about the comments who sounded like this was a huge disaster btw. anyway, I thought it was cute and I enjoy whatever we can get until Madonna releases her own music #soon
  9. Let’s cleanse this thread with some actual talent
  10. I don’t think people are being dramatic at all when it comes to potential leaks. Her last album was sabotaged by first leaking all those demos before we even knew anything about the album, and then the entire album leaked a month before release. Nobody wants this to happen again. I really hope her team has better security now.
  11. I hate opportunist. You’re right about him turning ontd against Madonna because he used to constantly post negative things about her, most of the time he was twisting facts and some times he straight up lied.
  12. He really seems sweet, and like he doesn’t mind chatting with the fans.
  13. I hate this orange fat fuck. When will he d*e
  14. Leslie van Houten is also still alive. I assume she’ll die in prison as well. Anyway, I’m glad this psycho is finally dead
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