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The 30-Year-old 'Virgin'- 160th best album of last 30 years, says Rock De Lux

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How can you not like it? It's her most famous record (besides True Blue) and it's full of pure 80's pop classics. Sure, there's Shoo-Bee-Doo, in which case I understand the dislike by many fans, maybe when it comes to Over And Over and Pretender too...But the title track, Into The Groove, Dress You Up, Material Girl...Hello? These songs ARE Madonna!

Not to mention the album cover which is more recognized than any other cover by M, plus her look on it belongs to the most memorable ones she ever pulled off. Add in the massive fan hysteria this record and era set off..Nope, there's just no way not to love this album, at least for me :thumbsup:

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Whenever there's a poll regarding the albums here, Like a virgin is always near the bottom of the list :/

Me ? I even love Material Girl :)

And that cover ! Meisel + Maripol

Nile Rodgers work is fantastic, i can't imagine what Trevor Horn's work would have been, he was the other producer Madonna asked Warner to work with.

Let's share the memorabilia. Mattress : work your magic !

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I don't think younger or newer fans realise what a massively influential album this is. The lightweight pop belies the cultural impact this album had. It was everywhere in 85.

It just has so many great memories for me and the artwork is amazing.

And I love my UK LP pic disc

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My own track listing :D

1. "Material Girl
2. "Angel"

3. "Like a Virgin"

4. "Over and Over"

5. "Crazy for You"

6. "Gambler"

7. "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"

8. "Into the Groove"

9. "Dress You Up"

10. "Shoo Bee Doo"

11. "Pretender"

12. "Stay"

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One of the best pop albums of all time. The influence, love and hysteria that this album caused was wonderful to live through. Made Madonna the biggest star in the world at the time and I still have yet to see any other female star have the same impact, influence or interest shown in them as Madonna did with this album. It was the album that made her the superstar she was meant to be. The songs still easily sound better than the majority of big pop hits that are around today. It is hard to explain to younger Madonna fans just how huge this album was and what it was like to watch her explode completely around the world. Add Crazy for you, Into the Groove and Desperately Seeking Susan to this era, and it was one of the very best Madonna eras.

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Angel always sounded like a B-side that somehow snuck on the album itself.

Noooooooo!! It's one of the best songs, in fact my favourite off the album.

Was an amazing time growing up when this album came out. My dad had purchased our first proper stereo system with CD player & Like A Virgin was my first CD

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