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  1. Video is on Vevo so it's only available in countries where Vevo is available. Hopefully someone uploads it on YT soon
  2. Imagine if she just said I had some voice problems, it happens to everyone. Fuck it! Next!
  3. No but I wish she would make a video for every song and sell a visual blu-ray album
  4. Spin is practically dead, they publish only few reviews monthly.
  5. I keep checking for their review. For whatever reason I'm hopping for a good one but I just know it will be somewhere between 2.8 and 4 lol
  6. Madame X is finally in Top 10 on Amazon (UK) at #8 with Deluxe Edition, Standard Edition is at #90
  7. posted the scans here : https://allaboutmadonna.com/2019/06/scans-madonna-in-new-york-times-magazine.php
  8. I know. And I love it when we get new a photoshoot (specially when its as nice as the one for Vogue UK) and interview. But I'm curious if that actually has any impact on album sales.
  9. I hope she does more talk shows, it's been a while since she did something like Fallon or Letterman. A real lengthy interview. Although I've no idea what counts as a good promo these days, where is she suppose to go to get the biggest audience. Few people are still buying Magazines, listening to the radio etc.
  10. The article was way too long and there wasn't enough Madonna in it, it was more about writers views on everything related to M. But the women who wrote was overall very positive about her. That said, I think Madonna is overreacting and to publicly shame someone like that is nasty. Maybe she had a bad day, did the label send her numbers for albums presales or something.
  11. She's not good enough but Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and similar generic bitches are, bitch shut the f up
  12. Springsteen announced his album weeks after Madonna, this is one of those rare cases when her team is not to blame for something
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