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  1. this video is so colourful and vibrant...I love it! One two cha cha cha
  2. That was what I thought. It looks way too irregular to be an ass cheek.
  3. She heard you...mama is not happy now...she's gonna wait till next year now
  4. I am a speech therapist and vocal coach myself and what I notice is that a lot of songs are sung in a lower key now. For example borderline, take a bow, express yourself, like a virgin, and so on. A lot of artists do this because your voice changes when you age. And there is notging wrong with that because most people won't notice. Her singing technique though lacks consistency. With Joan Lader during Evita she worked on her registers, but M still doesn't have good control over these as you can hear in Ghosttown sung live, when she sings "much" "dust" and for instance with Who's that girl on t
  5. It's the same dress, it is assymetrical. That's why there are no crystals on one side of her bust. Case solved...
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