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“God Control” thread. Video OUT NOW!!!

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2 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

She's really giving no shits this era and going for it.




And I love her even more for it

If it is possible

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Applauds! Video of the year! Video of a lifetime! So so profound.

Go Madonna. You are speaking it for most everyone no matter what side of it!!! Something needs to change and now.


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1 minute ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

Can I just say how amazing she looks in the close-ups? I kinda wish she had that dark wig this whole era.

I agree. Just beautiful!!


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Guest Amelia aka Neutrocks

Shit! She went there!  Epic indeed.  I love how she just pretty much was in your face about the facts of how guns are out of control, but didn't get specifically preachy about gun control. 

Honestly, I can't see how any gun holding individual would get upset about this.  It just shows what everyone has been seeing and thinking and unfortunately some have experienced.  

Hope this video goes completely viral.  It definitely will spark a lot of heated debates.  

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The best video she’s done at least on this decade. I’m speechless and crying and not just out of excitement for how gorgeous she looks. It actually affected me and I hope it affects everyone who gets to watch this masterpiece. The queen outdone herself again. Bravo Madonna! 

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