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Alabama woman pleads guilty to robbing Mississippi bank to pay for plastic surgery

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Alabama woman who allegedly used stolen money to pay for plastic surgery pleads guilty to robbing Mississippi bank



MAY 13, 2021 AT 12:32 PM


An Alabama woman who allegedly used money stolen from a bank to pay for cosmetic surgeries was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Iconic Facce, from Ashford, Ala., pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of robbing a BancorpSouth location in Gulfport, Miss., on March 22, 2019, District Attorney Crosby Parker said in a press release.

According to court documents, Facce gave a teller a handwritten note that read, “you have 1 min to give the money do not be wrong are (sic) die.”

The robbery was caught on surveillance video.

That same day police received reports of an abandoned Cadillac near the bank. Witnesses also saw a person matching Facce’s description walking away from the vehicle.

Investigators later determined that the Cadillac belonged to Facce.

“As the investigation continued, investigators were able to determine Facce’s cell phone service provider and obtain phone data, including geolocation information,” said Assistant D.A. Ian Baker, who prosecuted the case.

The data confirmed that the phone was located in the BancorpSouth area on the morning of the incident. The phone was last located later that day at the Hunstville International Airport.

After police showed photo lineups to bank tellers, they identified Facce as the person who had robbed them.


Local television station WLOX-TV reported that her case was set for trial on June 28, but Facce requested, through her attorney, to enter her guilty plea before that.

According to the Sun Herald, Facce, who’s trans, had already spent time behind bars. She served 51 months in prison for robbing an Alabama bank in January, 2009.


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Not to jump the gun, but from this thread I surmise that fantastic diva @horn should be back in 2036?

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