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Gunman chaos in Ourense, Spain


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Gunman enters supermarket and shouts 'Allahu Akbar'

The attack was a botched robbery at the Mercadona supermarket in the neighborhood of As Lagoas, in Ourense. An armed man entered the shop and fired several shots into the air while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' around 2.20pm local time. Police said he carried gasoline and gunpowder in his pockets.






the world makes me sick... I have been thinking of moving to Porto... but appearently even this side of the world is in danger too... okay i am not leaving home.


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Those fucking terrorist cretins with their moronic Allahu Akbar shouts, if they spent all that futile energy doing something good for others instead of destroying lives making a shite mockery of an allegedly peaceful religion, they'd probably be happier too. I am sick of hearing about the hundredth moron who shouted Allahu Akbar to perpetrate violence against people they don't even know.

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3 hours ago, karbatal said:

Oh this is not such big news, he was a crazy man, not a yihadist. 

That's what you get from overexposition of terrorism in mass media. 

yes, at lñeast in my case it has been that: I thought we were the next target: surprsingly, the south of europe seems to be away of this crazy people so far.I guess they know we don´t govern ourselves!:lmao:

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