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Rebel Heart Tour MNation Roll Call

Guest Rachelle of London

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Guest Rachelle of London

I seem to recall this thread during MDNA Tour, if you could just comment with the show(s) that you are going to so we have a kind of register, this is fun and really nice for fans who plan on meeting up. I will add the names next to the date so you can see in the first post whos going to what show

Montreal Night 1 Sept 9th - nobody_knows_me88, graffitiheart, Simpi, runa
Montreal Night 2 Sept 10th - nobody_knows_me88, graffitiheart, runa
Washington DC Sept 12th -Nabguy, Blackmamba109, kurt420, glindathegood, impressive71, Nix Marco, spankme, Bon Bon, Stephen, Bill
NYC Night 1 Sept 16th - Iainmdna - Nabguy, MLVC82, Lennylu, alex6390, reQuiem4adream, Lucky, ThinkOfMe, mensch
NYC Night 2 Sept 17th - Lennylu, tycole6, alex6390, Suedehead, mensch, reQuiem4adream
Brooklyn Sept 19th - Cesky, Anastasza, FreeMySoul, RoccoPapa, alex6390, reQuiem4adream, IainMDNA, Like a Rebel, Ugly Hecty, mensch, Sjewell88, HolidayGuy
Quebec Sept 21st - Martin B., graffitiheart, runa
Philadelphia Sept 24th - Unapologetic Rebel, Nabguy, Johnpaul911, Stephen, Bill
Boston Sept 26th - nobody_knows_me88, Americanlife95825, thelight
Chicago Sept 28th - Living for Love, nobody_knows_me88, Madfan58, jamesshot, monuiquearis, 2Haveand2Hold, Sam
Detroit Oct 1st - LCD, Jasonokas
Atlanic City Oct 3rd - Unapologetic Rebel, ThinkOfMe, lennylu, reQuiem4adream, swimtoshore
Toronto Night 1 Oct 5th - george28, le smoking, alex6390, mtsanis, Bluejean, jayaradee
Toronto Night 2 Oct 6th - alex6390, george28, graffitiheart, Bluejean, le smoking, gemini1313
St Paul Oct 8th - Anastasza, Lum
Edmonton Night 1 Oct 11th -exfactor003, kokot
Edmonton Night 2 Oct 12th - exfactor003, kokot
Vancouver Oct 14th - Johnnyt, Dindi, BoyToy
Portland Oct 17th - Nightshade, svperstar
San Jose Oct 19th - Nabguy, madonnamexico, bubba94, Skyhigh76
Glendale Oct 22nd -MrK1ngB33, Macromad, 2HaveAnd2Hold
Las Vegas Oct 24th - Magom, Dramos520, WeboGirl
Inglewood Oct 27th - Living for Love, bubba94, Harley Quinn
San Diego Oct 29th - Living For Love

Cologne Night 1 Nov 4th - Wunderkind, JonathanBB, Mr Candy, Mario24, Jaron, Crazyone, insilico
Cologne Night 2 Nov 5th - Wunderkind, JonathanBB
Prague Night 1 Nov 7th - DagIn, AceOfMadonna, Kilt, Hyper, Nikola, alen, Moloko, headonfire, Chris_Tanasoff,Goddess
Prague Night 2 Nov 8th - Kilt, Hyper, Chris_Tanasoff, Animal Instinct, M_Sinner
Berlin Night 1 Nov 10th - Wunderkind, Crazyone, Nonoka, ziggy, GetUnconscious, winniehk88
Berlin Night 2 Nov 11th - Wunderkind, Nonoka
Stockholm Nov 14th - thelament, Torrique
Herning Nov 16th - Ham Der, Msig, thelament, Chris_Tanasoff
Turin Night 1 Nov 19th
Turin Night 2 Nov 21st - cosmic_system
Turin Night 3 Nov 22nd - cosmic_system
Barcelona Night 1 Nov 24th - chicorico, Je5u5, alex6390, muisque_163, From France, find_a_groove, Pera
Barcelona Night 2 Nov 25th alex6390, From France
Antwerp Nov 28th - Ashtangi74, Hyper, Justinian, stijn
Mannheim Nov 29th - Jaron, DagIn
London Night 1 Dec 1st - Dr Lecter, Cookie, Mmmmm, alex6390, headonfire, chellegasm, find_a_groove, Ste_Dub
London Night 2 Dec 2nd alex6390, Titty, chellegasm, Suedehead, musique_163, Find_a_groove, Kim, thelament
Amsterdam Night 1 Dec 5th - Ashtangi74, Jonathan BB, Kilt, david86, robster, musique_163, stijn, gigi
Amsterdam Night 2 Dec 6th - Ashtangi74, Jonathan BB, Kilt, david86m M_Sinner, robster, TrueBlue, musique_163, ditaluver, stijn
Paris Night 1 Dec 9th - Monkey, Carta, JonathanBB, Kilt, Justinian, idro, chellegasm, Amzer801,MerGirl, Raf, find_a_groove, Thief of Hearts
Paris Night 2 Dec 10th - Monkey, Carta, Jonathan BB, Kilt, idro, Vande, Moka, Nonoka, Thief of Hearts
Zurich Dec 12th - alex6390
Manchester Dec 14th - alex6390, chellegasm, find_a_groove, musique_163
Birmingham Dec 16th - BarneyBoy, Mmmmm, alex6390, chellegasm, find_a_groove, Suedehead, whatatramp
Glasgow Dec 20th - Iainmdna, alex6390, musique_163, Kim, loomer, chellegasm, JWAD

Mexico City Jan 6th - Iconic Fetus, madonnamexico, shoecall
San Antonio Jan 10th - AlanLongoria, ROCKERITO_MX, candylipsgirl, Madfan58, jamesshot
Houston Jan 12th - Madfan58, jamesshot, ROCKERITO_MX
Tulsa Jan 14th - anastasza
Louisville Jan 16th - angie_xoxoxo, M.Dolla
Nashville Jan 18th
Atlanta Jan 20th - James0479, beachprance
Miami Night 1 Jan 23rd - shoecall, Nabguy, Mario24, musicstereoismael, impressive71, Qaz, 2HaveAnd2Hold
Miami Night 2 Jan 24th - Mario24, alex6390, musicstereoismael, impressive71
San Juan Night 1 Jan 27th - jjmor95, JR!
San Juan Night 2 Jan 28th

Taipei Feb 4th
Taipei Feb 6th
Bangkok Feb 9th - Butter9, MadCrazy, ReQuiem4adream
Tokyo Feb 13th - rekha
Hong Kong Feb 17th - Loowee
Hong Kong Feb 18th - Loowee, angiecat
Macau Night 1 Feb 20th
Macau Night 2 Feb 21st
Manila Night 1 Feb 24th - 5ive Elements
Manila Night 2 Feb 25th - 5ive Elements

Auckland Night 1 Mar 5th
Auckland Night 2 Mar 6th
Melbourne Night 1 Mar 12th - rebelheart, San, Carly69, Paul, Chris_Tanasoff, alex6390
Melbourne Night 2 Mar 13th - rebelheart, San Carly69, Paul, Chris_Tanasoff, alex6390
Sydney Night 1 Mar 19th -Nman93, doctorjosh, Leebf, Carly69, alex6390, San, Martini123, Chris_Tanasoff
Sydney Night 2 Mar 20th - doctorjosh, Leebf, Carly69, alex6390, San, Chris_Tanasoff, Martini123
Brisbane Night 1 Mar 26th - Falling Free, Chris_Tanasoff, Carta, Carly69, alex6390, San, rekha
Brisbane Night 2 Mar 27th - Falling Free, Carta,Carly69, alex6390, Chris_Tanasoff, rugbyguy1, San, rekha

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Both Paris shows and both Brisbane shows :) I think this will be the first time in a decade that I won't be the Aussie resident on the forum who's seeing the most shows (several of my fellow Aussies are seeing all six shows here - I can't, due to work commitments, but I'm sure Early Entry in Paris will help to ease the "pain"!!! :) ).

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