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  1. 1 - Crazy 2 - Extreme Occident 3 - Bitch I'm Loca 4 - Medellin 5 - I Don't Search I Find
  2. "Crazy" was the first song that stood out for me as I was playing "Madame X" for the first time. The flow, the vocals (Like a Prayer album vocals), the 2nd verse ("my GOD look at me now"), the old school style, the bridge, everything - this song is just brilliant.
  3. Did anyone go to the store yet in NYC? I wanted to go this weekend but I wasn't feeling up to it - I just went into the city last weekend and I'm trying to get over being sick. I heard some musicians from the tour were at the store yesterday. Also, did they have the black shirt with Madonna and her guitar on it? I also really like the Madame X t-shirt with her hands on it. I'd love to see some pictures of the inside of the store and some of the merchandise (not just live nation pictures of it - but real pictures of it).
  4. I "Like" every song on the album, but I agree with those of you who say it's not really an album where you can just throw on a track or two and then listen to something else. Madame X is more of an album that needs to be listed to all at once. There aren't a lot of tracks that make me want to put it on that scream "feel good" "dance" "carefree" - the lyrics are heavy/deep, and even something like "God Control" - which has a "Hung Up" style beat but does not make me want to dance because of the lyrical content. This is not a complaint though - it's just the way I feel. I also find "Madame X
  5. I don’t have an IG account....that’s why I can’t see it.
  6. I’m curious about this....I did not pay extra for the cd’s with my tickets...they came with it. I declined paying for them as they were the standard versions and I was getting the Deluxe but I still got them anyway.
  7. I’m glad she has the #1 album. I don’t streeeeAAAAM....I buy.
  8. So am I. I think her message is important but it may be hard to watch. I love the look and the clips we’ve seen though. It’s just such a sensitive thing to possibly re-enact in the video. I love the song and hope it’s a success. I wish I wasn’t nervous about the video and just excited instead.
  9. I have to agree with this. I was turned off at the last scene and my stomach turned as well. I really don’t know if I can watch something so horrifying if it’s very violent or worse, a re-enactment. Loved the rest though.
  10. Love this song! The vocals are just perfect and I’m getting early 80’s vibes from them.
  11. I’ve only heard the 5 released songs....I’ll get the full deluxe album tonight on iTunes when it’s automatically downloaded.
  12. To be honest, what I want the most is the 2CD hardcover book that is an import right now through Amazon - but I have no idea what's on it and I l don't want to order it (as it's $30) until I know. I already have the iTunes deluxe pre-ordered and i'm getting two standards with my concert tickets. I just want the easiest way to get all of the official released tracks.
  13. Ah, ok - not as exclusive as I thought - as long as I have the all of the available tracks, i'm good.
  14. I thought it was exclusive to Target? Both of those tracks are included in my deluxe pre order from iTunes?
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