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  1. I laugh at myself. I hate reggeaton and some years ago my BF told me Madonna Will eventually do reggeaton Anyway I think Soltera is addictive. Mark my words, in Latin America and other countries this is going to be 1000X bigger than Medellín (On radios and clubs)
  2. Just finish listening, it seems more like Maluma (feat, Madonna) which isn't good. Don't like it at all, i'll wait for the rest of the álbum. Sorry, but I'm not for her this time.
  3. OMG I can't recover from last night, was awesome, best ever, my second time seeing RHT and it was 1000 better than in Las Vegas. We didn't had Ghosttown but I didn't care when she started "I hear your voice". During Music, she play with her body at the sound of La Cucaracha, the reaction of the audience was amazing. A lot of good things to say. this has been my best time at a Madonna concert ever. I have no words. Yes, that unapologetic bitch from yesterday was the worst. Maybe the only bad decision of an UB on satge. And Marco was also kind of stupid too LOL. (Marco was the one who took the bouquet)
  4. Is anybody here going to the "oficial after party" at the club Saint??? We could met each other.
  5. OMG Chelle omg omg, I am so happy for you. Any time a Madonnanation member has an experience like yours, I feel like proud, because we love her so much, that It's like an award for everybody here. And DW/SFL I have no words.
  6. I adore this álbum everyday more and more. It's a tragic thing is not commercially recognized NOW, but I am sure it will be a masterpiece for decades to come.
  7. I concur, S&S remain her worst taped show. Live wasn't that good (apart from Vogue), but the DVD is shit indeed. They should have taped the second leg for the official DVD.
  8. uuuh I like it. Great job, it's fantastic indeed
  9. OMG those TIC Royal Box looks like heaven. I remeber watching at them when I was 14 y.o., of course, I didn't had the money to get one If Warner wanted to do something right in their live regarding Madonna aniversary editions it would be re-launching these.
  10. I hate to know that people were flat boring in her concerts. Why they bother to go anyway.
  11. I want tthe mag right now. I hope I can get it.
  12. Ok I finally back at work, the wifi in my hotel sux so I couldn't post anything from there. The show is AMAAAAAZINGGG!... Lots of Mexican fellows there ... also lots of boring people who doesn't know most of the songs too. Her voice is better than ever, I was afraid she wouldn't sing Ghosttown since is my boyfriend favorite from the álbum, and she did with an amazing voice and was very touching. She was playful and silly with the audience, they love it. Anyway I could not choice a favorite part, a favorite song a favorite moment, everything is perfect for the fans. She didn't sang Who's that girl, but I could live without it.
  13. I don't know if I'll see her, but It's a great club anyway, and me and my bf are going with all the attitude to have the great moments.
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