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Your top 10 FAVORITE Madonna songs of all time!


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I know we have this list basically once a month, but after the release of Rebel Heart and after that pessimistic mess of a thread about people's LEAST favorite Madonna songs, everyone share your personal top 10 FAVORITE Madonna songs. Not what songs you think are Madonna's best songs, but your personal favorites!

Has anyone's list changed since the release of Rebel Heart? Here's mine. I'm feeling passionate (and bored at work) so sorry I added explanations just for fun. Also, I think if you ask me in a month my list will change. My favorite Madonna songs usually reflect my current mood at the time.


Living for Love (Demo Version) - This song is why I live for Madonna, and Madonna and I agree that the Demo Version is Best Version.

Inside of Me – For reasons I rather not go into, this song means the world to me.

Secret Garden – The vocals, the lyrics, the loud ass bass, the drums... It’s absolute PERFECTION. Gaga and her minions can take her generic jazz standards shit and shove it far up their standard asses.

Bedtime Story – Bjork + Madonna + Nellee Hooper... Need I say more?

Get Together – Apparently a lot of people hate this song, but I always associate this song with one of the happiest moments in my life and whether it's one of Madonna's better songs or not, it makes me very emotional and 10 years later I still play it regularly.

Ray of Light – Besides also associating this song with a really amazing era in my life, this is the second best song in the WORLD. EVER. I absolutely LOVE jumping, screaming, flashing my titties, getting the Holy Spirit a la Madonna and, as is now tradition, ending the song with that loud ass crazy white woman scream that comes in at around 4:35 all while sweating and not giving a fuck what people think of me with their damn Rihanna loving selves and rehearsed cheerleader looking dance moves.

Music – Yes, Madonna, I do like to boogie woogie. Thank you very much.

Think of Me - I have absolutely no idea why this song is nonexistent among Madonna fans. I have never heard people talk about this song. It’s like people forget it even exists. It’s fucking amazing and if you don’t like it you’re probably an asshole.

Goodbye to Innocence — LISTEN UP. It always comes down to this: this song is LIFE. Have you ever heard this song at a club on loud ass speakers? Headphones do not do this song justice.

Last but certainly not least, LIKE A PRAYER. THE GREATEST POP SONG FROM THE GREATEST POP MUSIC ARTIST EVER. Every single pop wannabe slut to have come along since the creation of this masterpiece WISHES she could ever sing something 1/10 as good as this song!

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Well I have to add most standards that are almost always in my Madonna top ten, but will add some faves that can change things... my top ten needs to have twenty songs sandwiched into it, haha

Justify My Love, forever and always #1


Like A Prayer

Deeper & Deeper

Waiting, this must be one of the most listened to songs in my life

Ghosttown, like seriously, this song is stellar and so powerful

Devil Pray, blows my mind, especially that breakdown

Lucky Star or Into the Groove, depending on my mood


Love Spent Acoustic, I just listen to this over and over and over

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Gang Bang


Holy Water

Nobody Knows Me

Like It Or Not



Bedtime Story

Justify My Love


this changes all the time

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This is hard, but I'll try:

Deeper And Deeper - This is my favorite Madonna song ever! Strong vocals, amazing house-y sound, a spanish breakdown and ever a Vogue sample!!! D&D has it all!

Rescue Me - What's not to love about this one? R-E-S-C-U-E ME. And the remixes are the best thing ever to exist!

Keep It Together - This song is only beated by its live version (BAT). Love love love love!

This Used To Be My Playground - I'm a very nostalgic person, so this song always gets under my skin. Simple, emotional, lovely.

Goodbye To Innocence - At this point my love for Shep is not a secret, is it? GTI has to be one of her best left overs from any album, ever. "There are some who say they created me, but only my parents will have that acclaim/I took it from there, I'm to blame."

Frozen - This has always been a favorite of mine, even when I didn't "like" Madonna. The melody, the voice, everything is so delicate yet strong and powerful.

Live To Tell - "If I ran away..." this song kills me everytime. One of her most powerful songs.

Intervention - I can't really point what is it that I love so much about Intervention, but from the first time I heard it I fell in love.

Give It 2 Me - YEAH! So empowering! Not that crazy about the production, but the lyrics elevates it a lot.

Like A Prayer - LAP needs no introduction. Love both the original album version and Shep's TIC remix.

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After being alerted to this thread via NTP, here is my non-definitive top 10 in no particular order:

Express Yourself
Open Your Heart
Joan of Arc
Sky Fits Heaven
La Isla Bonita
Human Nature
Lucky Star
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There will never be a definite 10. It depends where I'm at in life, here's the current list.

Living For Love

Mother & Father

Love Spent


Why's It So Hard

Best Night

You'll See


Rebel Heart

Oh Father

Honourable Mention- Jump

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There will never be a definite 10. It depends where I'm at in life, here's the current list.

Exactly ,more or less my definite top 5:

1.Drowned World

2.Like a Prayer

3.Ray of Light


5.Crazy For You

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It's too hard to choose only 10...

01 This Used to be my Playground
02 I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
03 Oh Father
04 Holiday
05 Dress You Up
06 You'll See / Veras
07 Hung Up
08 Into The Groove / Stay
09 Time Stood Still
10 Rescue Me

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Here we go...

Frozen "you only see what your eyes want to see"

Push "every race I win, every mood I'm in"

The Power Of Goodbye "pain is a warning that something's wrong"

Gone "why should I feel sad for what I never had"

X-Static Process. "in the process I forgot that I was special too"

I Deserve It. "many miles, many roads I have travelled"

Intervention "and I know that love will keep us together"

Angel "clouds just disappear"

Beautiful Scars. "my imperfections make me unique, that's my belief"

Survival " I'm too busy surviving"

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Since ULIZOS is promoting hard his flop thread...

Here's my two cents...



Oh, here's my list too... (in chronological order)

1. Over and Over - "and if I fall... I get up again"

2. Where's The Party - "I want to free my soul... I want to lose control"

3. Spotlight - "do the thing you want... don't wait for someone else"

4. Express Yourself - "don't go for second best, baby"

5. Vogue - "go inside, for your finest inspiration"

6. More - "never settle for something less"

7. Ray of Light - "and I feel like I just got home"

8. Don't Tell Me - "don't ever tell me to stop"

9. Beat Goes On - "say what you like, do what you feel.. you know exactly who you are"

10. Rebel Heart (Demo) - "and I'm right here where I wanna be"

I love upbeat, assertive and positive Madonna.

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My list is not in chronological order:

Into the groove- One of the songs I remember strongly really liking as a little kid

Deeper and Deeper- I just love it (lol)

Waiting- A very underrated song. I was pretty young when Erotica came out so I don't know exactly how much exposure "Waiting" got but I don't remember much

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You- Always a favorite from Hard Candy, but recently the lyrics have a lot of significance for me

Inside Out- Can't stop listening to this song from the Rebel Heart album

Secret- I always loved Madonna's musical style and look in this era

Ghosttown- One of, if not the biggest gem of Rebel Heart

Nobody knows me- Best song off of American Life for me

Like It Or Not- Always my favorite from Confessions on a Dancefloor. Also it became really significant to me when I decided to have a I don't give a fuck attitude.

Lucky Star- Again, I love 80's Madonna :p

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Definite Top 6

1. Like A Prayer: the best song of all time.

2. Sky Fits Heaven

3. Frozen

4. Secret

5. Till Death Do Us Part

6. Hung Up

7. X-static Process

8. Inside Out

9. Ghosttown

10. Paradise (Not For Me)

Bubbling Under: La Isla Bonita, Gone, Nothing Fails, Intervention, Everybody, Into The Groove, Get Together

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2.Living for love

3. Into The Groove

4. Vogue


6.Justify My Love

7.Like A Prayer

8.Drowned World


10. Ghosttown/Erotica/Papa Don't Preach / Express Yourself / Gambler /Holiday / Crazy For You / Rebel Heart /Open You Heart etc

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Current top 10 :bow:

  1. Hung Up (soundtrack of my life)
  2. La Isla Bonita (how i feel every summer)
  3. Get Together (i really wanna be with you...)
  4. Ghosttown (i'll be your cover...)
  5. Vogue (JUST ART)
  6. Nothing Fails (optimistic point of view love it)
  7. Revenge (a crime it was never released)
  8. Like A Prayer ( revolutionary - dedicated to the hypocrites of the church)
  9. Intervention (i know that love will keep us together)
  10. Justify My Love (Making sex while this plays)

Honorable mention: Celebration ------- Feel my temperature rising (summer is coming) ;)

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In no order

Ghost Town

Hung Up

Like a Prayer

Holy Water


Oh Father



Causing a Commotion

Thief of Hearts

Honorable mentions




Love Don't Live Here Anymore


Bitch I'm Madonna

Who's That Girl

The Look of Love

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1. Lucky Star - It's my quintessential Madonna song. The beat, the twinkly sound effects, and Madonna's beautiful girly timbre! :dramatic:

2. Express Yourself - More infectious than the bubonic plague!

3. Bedtime Story - frees my mind.

4. Music - One of the songs that got me into Madonna when I was like 8 years old.

5. Living for Love - Love's gonna lift me up!

6. Physical Attraction - What are you gonna do?

7. Ray of Light - This song always makes me feel a sense of freedom and positivity.

8. Beautiful Stranger - Another song that got me into Madonna early on.

9. Hung Up - My obsession in 2005.

10. Holiday, Into the Groove, Open Your Heart, Forbidden Love [2005], Give It 2 Me, I'm a Sinner, Masterpiece, Love Spent, Hold Tight, Love Profusion, Waiting, Candy Shop, I Deserve It, Don't Tell Me etc...

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Currently *subject to change*

1. Ghosttown

2. Into The Groove (album version)

3. Hung Up

4. Masterpiece

5. Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 radio mix)

6. Living For Love

7. Open Your Heart

8. Inside Of Me

9. American Pie

10.Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito remix)

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Guest whatatramp

as of right now, this morning, in no order....

Promise To Try

La Isla Bonita

Candy Perfume Girl


Bad Girl

Something To Remember

This Used To Be My Playground

Runaway Lover

Love Profusion

Fever (Live The Girlie Show)

I feel like a neglectful parent :(

02 I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You


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Guest ziggy

1. Frozen

2. Like a Prayer

3. Vogue

4. Express Yourself

5. Rain

6. Don’t Tell Me

7. Open Your Heart

8. Justify My Love

9. Hung Up

10. You’ll See

But ask me again tomorrow.

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1. Oh Father

2. Till Death Do Us Part

3. Crazy For You

4. Like A Prayer

5. Live To Tell

6. Ray Of Light

7. Vogue

8. Open Your Heart

9. Hung Up

10. Music

11. Deeper And Deeper

12. I'm Addicted

13. Bad Girl

14. Bedtime Story

15. Sorry

The top 5 never changes and has been the same since I started listening to her.

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  1. lucky star
  2. papa dont preach
  3. live to tell
  4. into the groove
  5. power of goodbye
  6. survival
  7. inside of me
  8. falling free
  9. till death do us part
  10. hold tight
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I'm a sucker for ballads....

Nothing Fails

Like A Prayer

Falling Free

I Deserve It

Paradise (Not for Me)

Wash All Over Me

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

Live To Tell

In This Life


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  • 2 months later...

10. Vogue

9. Take A Bow

8. Into The Groove

7. Papa Don't Preach

6. Holiday

5. Open Your Heart

4. La Isla Bonita

3. Promise To Try

2. Live To Tell

1. White Heat

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