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  1. I love I Rise! I love this album so much actually.
  2. I just made up the guy I'm crushing on because of this song.
  3. I can't. For example I really like I rise and Best Night both, same with Future and UB. I don't care for come alive and iconic etc. For me, Madame X is a masterpiece. I've been waiting for this since I saw her performing on Super Bowl and thought this human being is so much more than rest of the... well world. That's when I got more into Madonna, just to derail the topic ). Would love if Rebel Heart was double album as it was intended. Still adore many songs from it though.
  4. I'm still in awe. I can't. Love her so much! I know about "new album buzz" but this might be one of my favorites. There is just her, she is in her lane, in her category, in her dimension. Noone comes close, ever! Thank you M!
  5. When is the premiere CET? I got lost with all around the world promotion simultaneously. Tnx.
  6. If that's the case we could propose the idea that #soon in her world means one year. This is good for future.
  7. Sounds promising. Btw we are living in the postmodern time, cohesion is not part of it, fragmentation is, it's just what it is (think theory, fashion, music, movies, art (Bacon anyone?)). She is once again on the forefront.
  8. Me too Get inside your vein, tooIntoxicate your brain, oohCrazy, what I'll make youI'll take you for a rideTurn you up insideThere's nothing you can hideCrazy, what I'll make youCrazy, what I'll make youIt's my game
  9. I would love one or two liquid drum and bass songs with M vocals. It would be divine! Something like this (this is old, but along the lines) : Duo Infernale Not as singles, just album tracks.
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