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  1. Some of the comments on here reek worse than Lady Gaga's Pussy. I thought she looked and sounded great! This wasn't a gay pride performance and if you wanted a basic by-the-numbers dance performance, look up has been Minogue.
  2. I know I'm overreacting, but I just can't believe this.
  3. I'm devastated, I was depressed before but his is unreal!
  4. Meanwhile a vid of the kiss is on Youtube is almost at 9 million views!!!!
  5. I've done this on my Facebook page and it wouldn't hurt for each and everyone of us to share on our Facebook/Twitter accounts. Anyway, Hauntingly beautiful! I usually don't tear up from scenes in music videos but the scenes at the telephone, and looking at her dead family members pictures are so profound to me. She looks amazing, Terrence is great in it, the tango is perfection, the orphaned little boy, and the wolf are awesome touches! Easily one of my favorite Madonna vids!
  6. Some girls, Superstar, and GGW A dude can dream can't he?
  7. Addicted Rebel Heart Ghosttown Devil Pray Bitch I'm Madonna Wash All Over Me S.E.X. Iconic Holy Water Messiah
  8. In no order Ghost Town Hung Up Like a Prayer Holy Water Everybody Oh Father Hollywood Sorry Causing a Commotion Thief of Hearts Honorable mentions Iconic Celebration Erotica Love Don't Live Here Anymore Holiday Bitch I'm Madonna Who's That Girl The Look of Love
  9. My favorite album from Madonna!!!! NO CONTEST
  10. ORDER PLACED March 9, 2015 TOTAL $40.15 SHIP TO Anthony Marraffa ORDER # 115-9490505-6502606 View order details Arriving Mar 16, 2015 - Mar 20, 2015 Pre-ordered Track package Rebel Heart Madonna Sold by: Amazon.com LLC Release date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Buy it Again Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe) [Explicit] Madonna Sold by: Amazon.com LLC Release date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Buy it Again Change Payment MethodCancel itemsChange shipping speedChange delivery addressArchive Order
  11. OMG!!!!!! So happy for you Hector Congrats!!!!
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