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I think the explicit ones are

S.E.X., Holy Water, Heartbreak City and either Iconic or Veni Vidi Vici featuring a rap by Nas, maybe.

My guess:

Rebel Heart

1. Living for Love
2. Devil Pray
3. Ghosttown
4. Unapologetic Bitch
5. Illuminati
6. Bitch, I'm Madonna
7. Messiah 3:39 (3:37)
8. Joan of Arc 4:04 (4:01)
9. Wash All Over Me 4:02 (4:33)*
10. Holy Water 3:34 (3:33) [E]
11. S.E.X. 3:23 (3:39) [E]**
12. Heartbreak City 3:58 (4:09) [E]
13. Iconic 4:25 (4:23)
14. Rebel Heart 3:56 (4:00)
15. Body Shop 3:34 / Borrowed Time 3:33 (3:33)
16. Veni Vidi Vici 4:02 (4:39) [E]***
17. Inside Out 4:14 (4:11)
18. Best Night 3:32 (3:22)
19. Hold Tight 3:23 (3:21)****

* I think if this song is being reworked it would have to be much longer than demo #3 because that version is very compressed

** I wouldn't be surprised if the song has been "sexed up" a little.

*** Featuring Nas

****Hold Tight (Demo #4) is 3:23 long.

Am I the only one sick of these demo titles everywhere and I don't even know how they sound. :lmao:

At this point, I want all brand-new songs so people will shut up about these demos. I'm starting to hate all of them because of it. :lmao:

You're doing the most by not listening to them, though.

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Yeah that sequencing makes no sense. I think the length of some of these songs could have changed drastically.

6. Bitch, I'm Madonna

7. Messiah

Bye Felicia

Bitch, I'm Madonna...the Femal Messiah.

Jk. I really do hope they change the sequencing. Even the six tracks we got make absolutely no sense in that order they were added to the album.

Here's how I'd do the sequencing:

1. Illuminati

2. Bitch, I'm Madonna

3. Best Night 3:32 (3:22)

4. Holy Water 3:34 (3:33) [E]

5. S.E.X. 3:23 (3:39) [E]

6. Heartbreak City 3:58 (4:09) [E] <- The final version is supposed to sound more industrial...

7. Iconic 4:25 (4:23)

8. Unapologetic Bitch

9. Veni Vidi Vici 4:02 (4:39) [E]

10. Rebel Heart 3:56 (4:00)

11. Joan of Arc 4:04 (4:01)

12. Body Shop 3:34 / Borrowed Time 3:33 (3:33)

13. Devil Pray

14. Inside Out 4:14 (4:11)

15. Messiah 3:39 (3:37)

16. Hold Tight 3:23 (3:21)

17. Ghosttown

18. Wash All Over Me 4:02 (4:33)

19. Living for Love

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I have a hard time believing she would include S.E.X., Holy Water, and Best Night. Maybe one. Maybe two. And even then I have a feeling this album is going to be all over the place, honestly.

Because you're here for the ballads. But only half of the album at the most is going to be like that. The versions you heard of S.E.X. and Holy Water were very early demos and they have been reworked by Dahi and Blood Diamond. I'm sure they sound at least a bit different now. Also, what other songs could have the explicit tags?

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4 more explicit tracks is awesome news.

I'm starting to wonder if the track listing for the album is is in order based upon the order that we would have gotten individually for Rebel and Heart. It seems the Heart songs go in order and the Bitch songs are in order, but just put together.


Living For Love

Devil Pray





Bitch, I'm Madonna

We got the first three songs of both discs in December possibly.

If Messiah is #7 then maybe we will get 3 more Heart songs in a row, and then 3 more Rebel hence the 3 explicit songs in row. Just an idea.

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Remember there are probably several more songs that we haven't heard about given that the leaked demos came from about halfway through recording and she only finished recording a month ago or so.

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track 7 should be messiah

track 9 is wash all over me

track 12 should be veni vidi vici (explicit)

track 13 should be inside out

track 14 should be rebel heart

track 17 should be beautiful scars

track 18 or 19 should be nothing lasts forever

the others have too many similarly timed demos to even guess.

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