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Your MDNA Top 5


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1) I'm Addicted

2) Girl Gone Wild

3) Gang Bang

4) Love Spent

5) Beautiful Killer

honorable mentions:

Best Friend (this song is AMAZING and should have been on the standard)

Falling Free (what a gorgeous ballad. I think it's tied with BK for the fifth spot)

MDNA would've been so much better if GMAYL and Superstar would have switched places with BF and BK. The original sequencing was much better too!

1) I'm Addicted

2) Love Spent

3) Beautiful Killer

4) Gang Bang

5) Girl Gone Wild


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1/ Falling free

2/ Love Spent

3/ I'm addicted

4/ I don't give a

5/ Beautiful Killer


Gang Bang ( a mix between album version and the orbit remix end with the progression)

Some Girls (Orbit mix)

I'm a sinner


Turn up the radio (Leo Zero remix dub)

GMAYL (Just Blaze Bionic dub)

Best friend

Bday song (instrumental with MIA vocals only)


Crap that should be rocketed into the sun to destroy them with atomic fire forever :

girl gone wild


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In no particular order:

Love Spent

I'm Addicted


Turn Up the Radio

I Don't Give A

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1. I'm Addicted

2. Falling Free

3. Love Spent

4. Some Girls

5. Gang Bang

Gotta give shout outs to BK and especially GGW. I've went from nearly disliking it to having it become a "must listen" to track when I put MDNA on. This album gets critiqued so unfairly. If you take out some of the fluff and sequence the tracks right, you have a damn near perfect pop album.

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I'm Addicted.

Falling Free

Some Girls

Beautiful Killer

I'm a Sinner.

GMAYL nearly made it in there! I actually like it.

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1. Falling Free

2. Beautiful Killer

3. Love Spent

4. Gang Bang

5. Masterpiece

I nearly made Beautiful Killer number 1 for Bill but I love FF too much ... sowy

Awww :inlove: Thanks anyway, love. ;)

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